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Sunday, 02 April 2023
Rangpur Divisional Livestock Director Waliur Rahman's body found hanging

Rangpur Divisional Livestock Director Waliur Rahman's body found hanging

Rangpur Correspondent

Police recovered the body of Waliur Rahman Akand, 55, director of Rangpur Divisional Livestock Department, with a towel wrapped around his neck on Wednesday.

His body was recovered from the third-floor bathroom of the district livestock office adjacent to the city's Station Road office on Tuesday afternoon.

Director Waliur Rahman Akand's house is in Sadullapur Upazila of Gaibandha. His wife and two children live in Bogra. Because of his job, he lived in a room on the third floor of the district livestock office next to his office. Badiuzzaman, office assistant of the livestock department, said, "I went to call him on Tuesday morning, June 21, seeing Sir's late."

At that time, when he entered the bathroom with the door open, he saw a dead body wrapped in a towel with a shower in the bathroom.

Rangpur Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner (Crime) Abu Maruf Hossain said the body was recovered from the spot around 12:30 pm on Tuesday. Nothing can be said about his death now. However, all office and family matters are being looked into. Police are working to determine the cause of death.

Meanwhile, the relatives of Waliur Rahman Akand, the director of the Livestock Department, are commenting that the matter of his death is very mysterious. Because he was an honest officer of very simple, easygoing and sociable nature. His relatives could not accept his death. They ssid there is a need for a high-level investigation by law enforcement agencies.

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