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Friday, 14 June 2024
Flyover-underpass urgently needed at Sherpur in Bogura

Flyover-underpass urgently needed at Sherpur in Bogura

Sherpur, (Bogura)Correspondent

Sherpur, an entrance gateway to Bogura district, is renowned for its thriving business and agricultural productivity.

Recently, the completion of the Dhaka-Rangpur highway development project has brought progress to the area. However, the absence of flyovers or underpasses in the city has led to an increase in accidents, loss of lives, and damage to businesses.

The construction of flyovers along a stretch of approximately 1.5 kilometers from Dhunat intersection to Haziapur is urgently demanded. This area hosts around 26 link roads, kindergartens, madrasas, schools, colleges, hospitals, clinics, banks, government and semi-government offices, and business establishments.

The lack of flyovers has divided Sherpur city into two parts, disrupting business activities and causing unemployment among thousands of workers. Moreover, the highway has become a zone of constant accidents, posing risks to students commuting to schools and colleges. Pedestrians often risk their lives crossing the highway over the devider and accidents have claimed numerous lives in the past month alone.

However, the exact toll of casualties outside reported accidents remains unknown, emphasizing the critical need for flyovers and underpasses.

In response to this pressing issue, various initiatives have been taken by the residents of Sherpur. Meetings and demonstrations have been organized by Sherpur-Dhunat Self-Defense Council and Sherpur Civic Protection Committee. Their joint effort culminated in a week-long campaign at the city's bus terminal, garnering support from at least 30 organizations, students, and ordinary citizens.

Mayor Jan-e Alam Khoka of Sherpur Municipality expressed his disappointment at the lack of progress despite assurances made during joint sessions with the district council. He emphasized the vital importance of flyovers and underpasses for the safety and prosperity of Sherpur city. He urged the relevant authorities to prioritize the allocation of necessary funds for the construction of flyovers, underscoring the demands of the resident Sherpur.

The residents of Sherpur are adamant about their demands, which they consider a matter of life and death. They urge the government to heed their pleas and expedite the construction of flyovers and underpasses for the welfare of all citizens. 


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