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Thursday, 20 June 2024
Farida Yasmin MP in New York: Sheikh Hasina honoured journalist community

Farida Yasmin MP in New York: Sheikh Hasina honoured journalist community

USA Bureau

A conciliatory meeting was organized by the United States Bangabandhu Foundation on the evening of April 1 to congratulate and greet Farida Yasmin, President of the National Press Club and Member of the National Parliament of Bangladesh.

Farida Yasmin MP was greeted with floral wreaths by the expatriate Bangladeshisand she expressed her deep gratitude to the expatriates and said that whenever I come to New York, I am always given warm hospitality. I am overwhelmed by your sincere hospitality and express my deep gratitude for participating in this event despite the busy schedule.

Farida Yasmin said, I attended many other events of Bangabandhu Foundation and Sector Commanders Forum. When I was the General Secretary of the Press Club, after becoming the president, I met you whenever I came to New York. I spoke at the rally.

MP Farida said, wherever we are, our roots are the Liberation War, our ideal Bangabandhu, our ideal liberation war spirit. The spirit in which our brave freedom fighters took up arms. Not only that, but the magical speech of March 7, 1971 also inspired the common people of Bengal to fight for liberation. And this is our root. And those of you who are in this diaspora, but a part of Bangladesh is living in the heart of each of you. You are cherishing and holding the spirit of liberation war by giving up a lot in that urge, working relentlessly to advance this spirit, it is really a great thing. It would not have been possible if he did not love the country.

Farida Yasmin said, the way Bangabandhu's daughter Sheikh Hasina is moving the country forward by carrying the spirit of the liberation war in the path of writing Bangabandhu's dream of Sonar Bangla, Bangabandhu's daughter thinks of everyone.

She has diverse observations on all sectors. She is using those who are truly dedicated to the country to accelerate the ongoing development journey. I think that she honoured the journalists by appointing me as a Member of Parliament, valued the journalistic community, and held her in a special status. Therefore, on behalf of all the media people of the country and abroad, I express my deep gratitude to Bangabandhu's daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Consul General Nazmul Huda was the special guest at the event. He said, I want to keep media workers as my colleagues as stakeholders. It is very important to have a good relationship between the media and those of us who are in charge of serving the people. Because it is also an important responsibility to point out the work we are doing to reach the masses or to correct them if we have done something wrong. We are working from that point of view. Nazmul Huda requested Farida Yasmin MP to visit New York Consulate.

The Head of Chancery of the Permanent Mission of Bangladesh to the United Nations, Shoaib Abdullah, greeted media personality and Member of Parliament Farida Yasmin in New York and said that many people in New York are giving their time to the activities of the Bangabandhu Foundation and Sector Commanders Forum-Muktijudda'71 and the Honorable Member of Parliament is also encouraging. I am also deeply grateful to the Honorable Member of Parliament for coming forward as patronage. Shuaib Abdullah specifically mentions that if these organizations survive, our spirit and tradition will remain intact in foreign soil.

Community personality dedicated to the ideals of Bangabandhu Engineer Md. Fazlul Haque congratulated Farida Yasmin on behalf of the expatriates and said, We hope that Bangladesh will reach its desired goal with your prudent activities. At this time, he called upon Member of Parliament Farida Yasmin to take appropriate steps to end the harassment of expatriates at Dhaka Airport forever.

General Secretary of the host organization, Abdul Kader Miah , presided over this exceptional event in the auditorium of the Moonlight Grill restaurant in Jackson Heights.

In his closing speech, he expressed deep gratitude to Bangabandhu's daughter Sheikh Hasina for nominating the people of Farida Yasmin as members of the Bangladesh National Parliament and as members of the Standing Committee on the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting . He said, Farida Yasmin spent her entire life enlivened by Bangabandhu's ideals and the spirit of the liberation war. I hope that the rest of life is important and will play an immense role in creating the smart Bangladesh of Sheikh Hasina's dream.

Bangabandhu Foundation Communications Director heroic freedom fighter Lablu Ansar conducted the rally under the banner of 'Congratulations to Dear Man Farida Yasmin MP in New York'. Women Affairs Secretary of Sector Commanders Forum-Muktijudda'71 and head of Bahnishikha Sangeet Niketan Savita Das, Acting General Secretary of New York Metropolitan Awami League Subrata Talukder, brave freedom fighter Abul Bashar Chunnu, newly-elected Secretary of Brooklyn Community Board Mamununul Haque also spoke in the rally. Heroic freedom fighter Habib Rahman and others also spoke.

It should be noted that Farida Yasmin came to New York from Rome in the early hours of March 31. She will be in the US till April 6 on a personal visit.

In the beginning, the leaders extended floral greetings to Farida Yasmin on behalf of the expatriates. At this time, Chairman Alim Khan Akash and Managing Director Nurunnahar Nishao congratulated Farida Yasmin on behalf of BiswaBangla 24 TV.

After the discussion, prayers were held on the eve of Iftar led by Imam Kazi Qayyum.

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