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Sunday, 14 July 2024
Before March 7, Bangabandhu gave directions: Public Works Minister

Before March 7, Bangabandhu gave directions: Public Works Minister

Brahmanbaria Correspondent

Minister for Housing and Public Works, war-wounded freedom fighter RAM Obaidul Muktadir Chowdhury MP said that Bangabandhu had given us directions before March 7.

That path was the path of liberation, the path of freedom, the path of creating a society without exploitation and discrimination, the path of democracy and economic liberation.

He said these things while addressing the chief guest at the special meeting of District Chhatra League at Bangabandhu Square in Brahmanbaria on Friday.

He said that when we were given responsibility for the election campaign of 1970, we who were Chhatra League were told that we should speak for six points, we should speak for 11 points. It has also been said that the probability of implementation of six points and 11 points is very low. We have also been asked to tell what to do if six points and 11 points are not implemented. We said that.

We inspired people to freedom and liberation, to an independent existence. We did that before March 7, because Bangabandhu had given us directions long before March 7.

Our path was the path of non-communalism, our path was the path of democracy, the path of freedom, our path was the path of freedom from exploitation, our path was the path of consolidation of rights for all people, the path we are still walking, Chhatra League has been on this path since its birth without any deviation. And because we were firmly on this path, even after August 15, 1975, when the Awami League did not exist in Bangladesh, we were still able to raise the flag of Bangabandhu's ideology.

At this time, he started the open session of the meeting of District Chhatra League on September 27 and announced the end of the meeting by celebrating the birthday of Honorable Prime Minister Jannetri Sheikh Hasina on September 28.

He expressed his thanks to everyone that Brahmanbaria District Chhatra League has been freed from extortionists, drug addicts and robbers with the united efforts of all.

At the same time, the minister said that in order to take the development and progress of Bangladesh forward, to strengthen the hands of leader Sheikh Hasina to build her vision of Smart Bangladesh, to build a hunger-free, poverty-free, prosperous and developed Bangladesh, the Chhatra League will always be cautiously by her side. Expected.

He expressed optimism that the Chhatra League will be more integrated and organized in the future to realize Sheikh Hasina's dream and Bangabandhu's ideal, i.e. to establish a non-exploitative, discrimination-free, hunger and poverty-free, non-communal democratic state.

Senior Vice President of District Awami League Md. Helal Uddin, Vice President Haji Md. Helal Uddin, Acting General Secretary Mahbubul Bari Chowdhury Montu, General Secretary of District B.C. Central Vice President Tamanna Jasmine Riva, Secretary Finance Affairs Shakib Al Hasan, Deputy Secretary Training Affairs Ariful Islam, Deputy Secretary Social Media Affairs Falguni Das Tanbi were present.

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