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Wednesday, 22 May 2024
Renowned Bangladeshi business figure Farid Khan visits WUST campus

Renowned Bangladeshi business figure Farid Khan visits WUST campus

USA Bureau

Renowned Bangladeshi business figure and and Vice Chairman of the Summit Group, Farid Khan, recently graced the Washington University of Science and Technology (WUST) campus in Virginia with his presence in Virginia on a bright Wednesday ( March 13).

He was warmly greeted by Chancellor and Chairman Engineer Abubokor Hanip and CFO Farhana Hanip upon his arrival.

His visit marked a special day, setting the stage for a heartfelt exchange with the university's leaders, a dialogue warmly led by President Dr. Hasan Karaburk. In attendance were Vice President of Education Dr. Jeffery Pirim, Vice President of Operation and Registrar Dr. Shane Cho, School of Business Director Professor Mark L. Robinson, and various other department heads and faculty members, showcasing the university's broad leadership team.

Chancellor Hanip detailed WUST's mission and vision, underscoring its commitment to career readiness. "We aim to fulfill a Triple Mission at WUST: to confer degrees, develop skills, and job assistance, ensuring our students' investments yield tangible returns. To equip students with the necessary skills, our scholar-practitioner faculty replicates a work environment within the classroom setting,” Engineer Hanip conveyed.

Furthermore, Dr. Karaburk expanded on the university's operational principles and objectives, emphasizing the importance of Triple-A accreditation, making education accessible and affordable, and creating a campus environment where students feel as comfortable as if they were in their own homes.

CFO Farhana Hanip highlighted the campus's vibrant diversity as its most enchanting feature. “Our classrooms resemble miniature United Nations sessions, with students hailing from over 120 countries worldwide,' she remarked."

Each department leader contributed insights into their specializations, with Professor Robinson emphasizing the integration of industry knowledge and practical skills in the curriculum.

Dr. Salman Elbador envisioned WUST as a future educational model, while Vice President Pirim remarked the university's rapid growth and recent recognitions from Virginia State General Assembly.
Dr. Cho praised the campus's collective spirit and teamwork ethos.

Farid Khan shared his profound appreciation for the university's operations, extending heartfelt thanks to Engineer Abubokor Hanip and his dedicated team. He felt a deep sense of pride in witnessing a Bangladeshi American at the helm of such a prestigious educational institution in the USA. With hope resonating in his voice, he expressed his earnest wishes for WUST's ongoing triumph and its rise to become one of the top-ranked universities in the USA.

Following the discussions, Chancellor Hanip and President Karaburk provided Mr. Khan a tour of the campus, showcasing its advanced IT labs, state-of-arts classrooms, comprehensive library, student lounges, and cafeteria, among other facilities.

The day was filled with shared dreams, aspirations, and a renewed belief in education's ability to connect different worlds and fulfill dreams.

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