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Friday, 12 April 2024
Orange dates full of trees in Tajumuddin

Orange dates full of trees in Tajumuddin

Tamim Sadi Mannan, Tajumuddin, Bhola

Orange-coloured dates are found in various roads, ghats, canals and beels of Tajumuddin upazila. In the course of time, the tradition of the abhaman rural Bengal is getting lost.

Honey palm trees, a symbol of glory and tradition, are no longer seen as before. One of the sweetest fruits is the date palm, which has an orange or brown oval or rectangular soft shell. Dates are 1-3 inches long. The granular fruit is in bunches.

The word date is Hindi, Khorma is a Persian word. In our country, dried dates are known as khorma, which in Arabic is called ‘tamar’. Ripe fresh dates are called ‘rutab’ in Arabic. According to Urdu terminology, dried dates are known as ‘Chuharan’. The Arabic name of the date palm is 'Nakhal'.

The date palm yields twice a year, yields sweet and delicious juices in winter, and orange dates in summer. It is hot now, so the various roads and ghats, canals and beels of Hili in Dinajpur and the date palm trees around the house are covered with orange colored dates.

It has been seen in different places of Tajumuddin upazila, hanging in bunches of date palms. Seeing that, everyone's eyes are dazzled. It will still take about 8 to 10 days for the dates to ripen. Local boys and girls have planted date palms on government roads and started eating them. However, the dates are not yet suitable for eating. After a few days it will be edible and many people will sell these ripe dates in the market.

In the winter, the trees shake the palm trees and the delicious sweet juice comes out of that place. This juice is a favorite food of everyone. At one time, palm trees could be seen in various places including houses of people in rural and urban areas.

Many of them would get the juice themselves and some of them would give the season contract of the trees. The trees used to extract juice from the trees in the morning and sell it in earthen pots. Many people used to buy it in the morning and eat it with murdi. Again, many people used to make molasses with date juice. Is still done.

Sumon Mia, a resident of Shambhupur Union, said, "I have three date palms next to my house. I am very old." As a child, my father took care of the trees and collected sap. I used to have a lot of fun with murdi during winter. Now all three trees have a lot of dates. It will ripen in a few days. But the boys of the village have just started eating.

A man named Mohammad Momin was seen crossing the Khas Hat to Bangla Bazar road. He said, "There are many dates in this tree." It's good to see, I'm eating again. Not ripe yet, a little costa (streak). However, the mind is not obeying. But the owner of the tree will chase when he sees it.

Md. Zakir Hossain, a resident of Chanchra village, said, “Now there are no date palms like before. I have a date palm, this time the first fruit is coming. He has caught a lot of dates, when he sees it, his mind is overwhelmed. And after a few days I will be able to pick the dates and cut the trees for juice next winter.

Tajumuddin Upazila Agriculture Officer Apurba Lal Sarkar said, "The nutritional value of our native dates is much higher. They are rich in iron and calcium." It maintains a balance of nature. Dates are a delicious fruit, they are a quality food for birds.

In addition, the date palm is a very useful tree for coastal areas to prevent land erosion, prevent river erosion, and protect from storms. But with the change of era, these trees are getting lost now. If these trees can be sustained, then there will be no shortage in the production of date molasses in rural Bengal.

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