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Friday, 14 June 2024
Billboard industry is neglected despite its significant contribution to GDP

Billboard industry is neglected despite its significant contribution to GDP

Staff Correspondent

The billboard industry in Bangladesh has been neglected over the period despite its ‘huge contribution’ to the national economy, according to a business leader in this sector.

'Outdoor advertising is very important, along with print and electronic media, for marketing and promotion. Although the value of this industry has increased worldwide, it has not been properly evaluated in the country,” said Liaquat Ali Khan Mukul, advisor at the Bangladesh Billboard Advertising Owners Association (BBAO).

The trade forum organised the discussion meeting on ‘Development and expansion of the billboard industry in smart Bangladesh’ at a city hotel.

BBAO former president Haji Mohammad Rashed presided over the session.

Addressing the programme as chief guest, Rupayan Group Chairman Liaquat Ali Khan Mukul termed the billboard business ‘an art’.

“We make art with an artist's mind. This industry has made a lot of contribution to the growth of the GDP of the country. We have to unite ourselves for further development and expansion of the billboard industry. That is why it is very important to institutionalise this organisation along with competent leadership,” he said.

The Rupayan Group chief announced a free 1,000-square-foot space for the BBAO office in Paltan, considering the benefits to the members.

BBAO former general secretary Mohammad Abul Hossain Khan, Selina Parveen, Md Ashraf Uddin Khan, Haji Md Sohrab Iddin Khan, Abul Kalam Azad Farooq, Md Maruf Reza, Nazmus Saqib and Zafar Ahmed spoke on the occasion.


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