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Thursday, 22 February 2024
Bangladeshi pupil wins prestigious O, S award

Bangladeshi pupil wins prestigious O, S award

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The Royal Commonwealth Society has honoured a Bangladeshi schoolboy with a GOLD CERTIFICATE for a poignant poem he wrote about renowned Dutch-Jewish holocaust victim Anne Frank.

The certificate was presented to Abdullah Abid Nur, who is 15, and a Class 10 pupil at Ali Ahmed School and College.

Abdullah, whose ambition is to become a scientist, said he was both “humbled and encouraged” upon receiving the award.

Unsung Heroine Anne Frank’s Untold Journey

By Abdullah Abid Nur

In the realm of courage and grace, a name does rise, Anne Frank, a beacon of light beneath somber skies. Inscribed upon the pages of time, your spirit dwell, a testament to strength, where hope eternally swells.

Born in nineteen twenty-nine, a vibrant soul, in Frankfurt, Germany, where dreams took their toll. A Jewish girl, innocent, full of delight, with dreams and aspirations, shining so bright.

Here, in the Montessori kindergarten she did learn, where freedom and truth did yearn.

Born in a world gripped by war’s cruel embrace, young Anne embraced the power of words to chase, The shadows that consumed her world so vast, with pen and ink, she created a sanctuary that would last. But darkness engulfed the land she held dear, as hatred and fear cast shadows of despair.

Her family fled to Amsterdam's embrace, hoping for safety, a sanctuary's grace.

Amsterdam's cobbled streets bore witness to her dreams, as her voice echoed through her diary's gleams.

In her secret annex, amidst fear's darkest tide, she turned despair into hope, a soul undeniably tied.

With every stroke of her pen, a whisper of life, her words blossomed amidst the turmoil and strife. Her youthful heart, a symphony of innocence and wisdom, guided by a resilient spirit, an unyielding kingdom.

Behind that bookcase's guise, a sanctuary she found, where dreams danced and her imagination unbound.

Her family, hidden away from the world’s prying gaze, she transformed her prison into a haven of praise.

Through the window’s sliver, she glimpsed the sky, yearning for freedom, -she asked the stars, "Why?"

Yet, in your solitude, you discovered a truth profound, that hope can thrive even in darkness abound.

Days turned into weeks, and months into years, but her spirit remained resolute, unmarred by fears. her words spilled onto the pages with passionate might, filling her diary's chambers with a radiant light.

In the annals of history, her words found their way, her tale, a testament to resilience's array.

Her dreams, aspirations, and profound insights, captivated hearts, igniting fires, piercing the night.

She wrote of your longing for freedom's embrace, of dreams and ambitions, no prejudice to face.

Her words bridged the gap between dreams and despair, a testament to hope, a symbol so rare.

And then, fate's ruthless grasp did seize, unveiling her haven, shattering dreams with ease.

She were sent to concentration camps, Auschwitz's cruel gate, where darkness consumed her, sealing her fate. She and her companions were torn from their retreat,

taken captive, and her lives cast into a merciless heat. Bergen-Belsen, a place of horrors untold, became her new reality, an inferno to behold.

In that desolate landscape, where darkness reigned, her spirit flickered, though her weakening body strained. Amidst the hunger, the disease, the suffering profound, she clung to hope, a resolute spirit unbound.

But the ravages of Typhus claimed her fragile frame, in March 1945, her light extinguished, forever to remain. In that inferno, where darkness reigned supreme, her spirit flickered, like a star in a nightmare's gleam. Though her life was extinguished, her legacy remained, -her words, a beacon of hope, forever unchained.

Through the eyes of her diary, we glimpse her soul,an enduring reminder that love can make  us whole. For Anne Frank, in her fleeting years so few, taught us the strength of spirit, what love can do. Her courage, compassion, unyielding zest, inspire us to rise above, to do our very best.

In the face of adversity, we find solace and might, knowing her words shine on, forever bright. So, let us remember this young girl’s name, Anne Frank, whose spirit continues to flame. In her words, her dreams, and her unwavering belief, we find the strength to overcome, to triumph over grief.

Anne Frank, praiseworthy and true, we appreciate the essence of her. May her legacy forever ignite the human soul, reminding us to strive for unity, to make us whole. For in her diary's pages, her spirit soars high, a timeless reminder that hope will never die.

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