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Thursday, 23 May 2024
Two groups secondary teachers' assoc facing each other in Bhuaapur

Two groups secondary teachers' assoc facing each other in Bhuaapur

Masudul Hasan Masud, Bhuaapur (Tangail)

The two groups of Tangail's Bhuapur Upazila Secondary Teachers Association are now facing each other. This has caused a split in the Bhuyapur branch of the Secondary Teachers' Association. Ordinary teachers have also complained of various irregularities, corruption and arbitrariness against the current committee of the teachers' association.

A few days ago, a large group of teachers (Salim-Khairul) held a press conference (Zafar-Kazi Zahurul) and presented some pictures of various irregularities and corruption against the committee. There has been a dispute for a long time regarding the responsibility of the current expiring committee president due to allegations of fraud and various irregularities and corruption. At present, a multi-storied building with 5 storeys has been constructed for the teachers' society adjacent to Shishu Park in the heart of Bhuyapur. The members of the group led by Zafar-Kazi Zahurul sat for a long time by making an office on the ground floor of the constructed building.

Another part was rented for hotel business. At present, the teachers of Salim-Khairul group have built the office of the teachers' association there. There was a clash between the two groups on Wednesday evening.

It is learnt that last Wednesday (April 18) the teachers of Salim-Khairul group left the rented (now abandoned) room after sweeping, wiping and washing. Later the teachers of Zafar-Kazi Zahurul's group came and locked it. Teacher leader Md Khairul Islam said that the teachers of Salim-Khairul group came and opened the lock and occupied the room after getting the news of the lock. There is extreme tension on both sides.

In Bhuyapur the Madhyamik Teachers Association was divided into two parts but now it has become public. On one side are the executive committee members and a few teachers who follow them. On the other hand there is a large section of teachers who are outside the committee. General teachers said that there is a danger of major incidents due to having two groups of offices side by side under the same roof.

Also, when asked about the current situation of taking office and the current situation, General Secretary of Secondary Teachers Association Kazi Zahurul Islam said, "The room occupied by the other party has been rented to hotelier Musa for 5 years. The rental period is still four years left. Why they I did not understand that the rented room was taken over. There was a need for them to sit in a separate office."

On the other hand, Md. Khairul Islam, the head teacher of Tepibari High School, who is the leader of a large part, said, "For a long time, those leaders named as teachers have been doing corruption and arbitrariness at their will. Even though the committee was formed in 2021, they are still collecting lakhs of rupees in the name of the teachers' association. They are doing corruption by showing illegal expenses.

After the death of the president of the teacher's association, Md. Zafar Ahmed is doing corruption one by one. There is no question of sitting together. So we took a separate office."

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