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Thursday, 25 July 2024
Shalban Vihar, Mainamati Museum thronged with visitors during Eid holiday

Shalban Vihar, Mainamati Museum thronged with visitors during Eid holiday

Zakir Azad, Cumilla

Cumilla's Shalvan Buddhist Monastery and Mainamati Museum. Various public and private entertainment centers, including these two, have witnessed a rush of visitors on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha. Shalban Buddhist Vihara and Mainamati Museum are of great interest to visitors. Apart from this, crowds of people gather in nearby Roopbanmura, Kotila Mura, Dharmasagarpar, Gomti river bank, Rajeshpur forest bit and commercial parks.

According to sources, Shalban Vihar is 8 km west of Cumilla city. There are antiquities dating back to the 8th century. There is the Mainamati Museum. There is a forest department picnic spot next to the museum. Bangladesh Rural Development Academy (BARD) next to Shalbon Bihar. According to various sources, about 30 thousand visitors have come to Kotbari area including Shalban Buddhist Vihara and Mainamati Museum in Cumilla in the last two days from the day after Eid. Going inside Shalban Buddhist monastery, you can see the effect of monsoon on nature. However, the number of visitors did not decrease. Flowers of different colors decorate his form. Even the leaves are spreading its.

Meanwhile, during the Eid holidays, visitors also visited Nawab Faizunnecha Zamindar House in Laksam, Kazi Nazrul's memorial site in Daulatpur in Muradnagar and some Zamindar Houses. Alauddin of Kasbar upazila of Brahmanbaria said that children want to go anywhere on Eid. Nearby is Cumilla Shalban Buddhist Monastery.

I went there on Eid. Iqbal Ahmed of Cumilla Muradnagar Upazila said, some good residential hotels and restaurants have been developed in Cumilla . There are good facilities to stay and eat with family. These things need to be publicized. If you take two days, you can visit various buildings of Cumilla . Visitors can easily come here as there are good transport facilities by rail and road from various districts of the country including Dhaka-Chittagong.

Custodian of Shalbon Buddhist Monastery and Mainamati Museum. Shaheen Alam said that there are usually fewer visitors from Eid-ul-Fitr to Eid-ul-Azha. On the 2nd day of Eid, tickets worth lakhs of taka were sold at our Shalban Buddhist Vihara and Mainamati Museum. He also said that we are keeping a watchful eye on the safety of the visitors. Stopped the emergence of hawkers and cameramen. Tourism police, Ansar and our civil team are working. There is also CCTV surveillance. So visitors can move freely.

Mainamati Museum has brought new attractions this Eid. The museum authorities have exhibited a pair of Mughal swords which have not been exhibited for a long time. According to the Mainamati Museum Authority, this museum, one of the richest in the country, has about 700 exhibits including ancient land-maps, metal inscriptions, ancient coins, clay prints, terracotta paintings, bronze statues, stone statues, iron nails, stone statues, beads, jewellery, household articles.

Artifacts But this year the old pair of swords were added. According to museum sources, this pair of swords was found in Lakshmipur district of Bangladesh. This sword is believed to have been made around the 18th-19th century. which may have been used during the late Mughal period. It is known that a pair of swords were sent to Cumillas Mainamati museum two years ago from Lakshmipur Zilla Parishad. As it lacks its history or detailed information, it is chemically tested and structurally tested. After examination and review of various subjects, it is believed to be a sword used in the late Mughal period. The shape is also similar to that used by the Mughals. Besides, so are the materials of its manufacture and the period of its creation.

Shaheen Alam, custodian of the museum, said the pair of swords were not on display. We demonstrated it on June 13 last. Nothing like this has been exhibited in this museum before. We think this pair of swords was used by Mughals. According to government regulations, the museum is closed on the day before Eid and on Eid. After that, come to the museum and see the pair of swords. He said, "We assume that because it is a different artefact for this region, it has a different attraction." More visitors actually means more revenue for the government.

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