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Monday, 27 May 2024
Severe heat wave : Number of respiratory-diarrhea patients increasing in Goalando

Severe heat wave : Number of respiratory-diarrhea patients increasing in Goalando

Moynul Haque Mridha, Rajbari

Due to severe heat wave, the number of people affected by various diseases is increasing in Goalando Upazila of Rajbari. In the last 22 days, 212 patients have been admitted to Goalandao Upazila Health Complex Hospital due to heat related diseases.

Day by day the intensity of heat is increasing and suffering has occurred in public life. The roads are hot. It has become difficult to go out of the house and work in this heat wave. Normal activities of common people are being disrupted due to excessive heat. The presence of people in the bazaar-ghat, market is decreasing as the day progressesFarmers are unable to work in the crop fields. Due to the intensity of heat, common people are not coming out of the house unless absolutely necessary.

According to Goalando Upazila Health Complex sources, after last Eid-ul-Fitr, the number of patients in the hospitals has almost doubled. 212 patients were admitted to Goalando Upazila Health Complex in 22 days due to various diseases including diarrhoea, shortness of breath, fever. Among them, the number of children patients is 106. At present, a total of 59 patients including men, women and children are receiving treatment in the hospital. Besides, the number of patients in the outpatient department is increasing.

More than one van driver of Goalando Bazar said that not a single passenger is available after 10 o'clock in the morning. There are fewer passengers on the roads due to the hot sun. Due to the high heat of the sun, driving the van has also become difficult. On the one hand, suffering in summer, on the other hand, the income has decreased due to less passengers for three to four days. I am worried about my family.

A woman named Fatema Akhter said, "My husband's breathing problem has increased due to heat." As a result, I brought him to the hospital and showed him to the doctor. I took medicine from the hospital. Let's see what happens now.

The father of a child named Musharraf said that my baby girl is suffering from diarrhea. I brought him to the hospital today. I have seen the doctor because of frequent diarrhea. Now going home with medicine.

Another child's mother Sharmin Akhter said, "My child had fever three to four days ago." He recovered after taking medicine. Suddenly yesterday morning I had 3 to 4 bowel movements. Later that night I took him to the hospital. Now the saline is running.

Goalando Upazila Health Complex Resident Medical Officer Dr. Md. Sharif Islam said that the number of patients in the hospital is constantly increasing in summer. Apart from admission, the number of patients returning home after treatment is also high. Diarrhea, fever, cold, respiratory diseases are more common. However, patients who come to the hospital are being given the highest level of service. Everyone should be careful this summer.

He said, at this time, extra precautions should be taken in the case of children. Children should be bathed regularly and kept clean. Children should not be allowed to sweat in any way. That is why they should wear thin clothes.

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