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Monday, 15 July 2024
School girl Tanjila has responsibility on her shoulders

School girl Tanjila has responsibility on her shoulders

Jahid Dulal, Lalmohan (Bhola)

Bhola Lalmohan Collegiate Secondary School's ninth grade student Mosammad Tanjila ha no elder brother in the family.

So, since the age of 7, he has been helping his father's phuchka, chatpati, jhalmuri and noodles shop. And if the father is sick, Tanjila has to handle everything. Md Charchkina area of Lalmohan municipality Ward No. 10 has been helping his father in this way after school for the past several years. Abul Kalam's daughter Tanzila. She is the middle between 3 sisters and one brother in the family. His father's Fuchka, Chatapti, Jhalmuri and Noodles shop Lalmohan Sajeeb Wazed Joy within Digital Park.

Student Tanjila said, since I was a little older, I have been helping my father's shop work. Come every morning and open the shop. I went to school around 9 o'clock. After school, I went home and came to the shop after eating. I came and helped my father. Sometimes I make fuchka, chatpati, jhalmuri and noodles myself. Clean plates, plates and spoons after customers eat. When there are no customers in the shop, I sit at a table inside the shop and study. Along with regular studies for 7 years, I have been supporting my father in his work. my dream Even if it is a little difficult, I will work and stand by my family after my studies.

Tanjila's father. Abul Kalam said, Tanjila has been helping me run the shop since childhood. I can't keep employees in the shop, so I am running the shop with my daughter. Tanjila has been working with me in my shop for almost 7 years. He is also studying. Currently, Tanjila is studying in class 9 of Lalmohan Collegiate Secondary School. He will be in class 10 next year. I have three daughters and one son. The whole family runs on the income of this shop. I married the eldest daughter. I am very sick now. Due to lack of money, I cannot get good treatment. Because of which I sometimes get sick. Then Tanjila ran the shop alone.

A few visitors including Jharna, Amena, Mimi and Iqbal who visit the park said that they sometimes come to our park with their family members. Here we actually go to Tanjila shop and eat Phuchka, Chatpati, Jhalmuri and Noodles. Very good and delicious food is prepared here. It is exemplary for many to help father in his work besides studies. We wish him a bright future.

In this regard, Lalmohan Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Anamika Nazrul said that if the student needs any kind of assistance in his studies, the upazila administration will provide maximum assistance. We want; Every student should be educated in good education.

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