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Wednesday, 22 May 2024
Runa Laila in ‘Ananda Mela’ for first time

Runa Laila in ‘Ananda Mela’ for first time

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The magazine show “Ananda Mela” has been aired on Bangladesh Television (BTV) every Eid Festival to lift joy to the audience. This year’s episode will showcase Bengali tradition and culture. Popular film actor Nusraat Faria will host the upcoming episode of the show.

The Eid “Ananda Mela” features a song sung by legendary singer Runa Laila. This is the first time Runa Laila will be seen performing in the show. The song titled “Cholo Gane Gane Gori Notun Prithibi” also features four popular singers of this generation--Imran Mahmudul, Dilshad Nahar Kona, Zhilik and Sabbir.

The track is penned by Anjir Liton and composed by Ashraf Babu.

There will be a performance with a collage of three Baul songs with the participation of a hundred Baul singers. Besides, Islam Baul will perform a palagaan. There are also a puppet show and classical dance performance. The classical dance features performances by seven popular choreographers with their two disciples.

Small screen actor Tanjin Tisha and film actor Ziaul Roshan have teamed up for a performance. The duo will dance with the popular modern songs in the upcoming show.

Planned by Anjir Liton, and produced by Monirul Hasan and Yasir Arafat, “Ananda Mela” will be aired on Eid-day at 10:30pm on BTV.

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