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Friday, 14 June 2024
Press confce on behalf of victim's family protesting false press conference against land purchased by helpless Abul Kalam, Nur Mohammad at Maizpara

Press confce on behalf of victim's family protesting false press conference against land purchased by helpless Abul Kalam, Nur Mohammad at Maizpara

Dohazari (South Chittagong) Correspondent

A press conference was held regarding Noor Mohammad's father Monir Ahmed Gong taking land and house in Khazna and not returning it, which is false, fabricated, and intentional recently.

In protest of that Abul Kalam and Nur Mohammad (Dill Mohammad Dilu) and their family members organized this press conference at a restaurant on the 2nd floor of Dohazari Hazari Shopping Center.

Abul Kalam's daughter Ariba Sultana Tofa read a written statement on behalf of Abul Kalam at today's press conference.

He said that in the name of the so-called press conference, we strongly condemn and protest the press conference which has been conducted by lies, fabrications, 'farobi' and imagination for the journalists. In his written statement he also informed that his father Abul Kalam and deceased Noor Mohammad son of Nagendra Lal Majumdar of village Khagria Maijpara of Satkania Upazila from Shri Sachindra Lal Majumdar and Hirendra Lal Majumdar on 27/09/1986 and from the said donor on 05/02/1990. 1093 Khatian of RS Surveying1949/1950, we purchased a total of 3 ganda of land, built a house there, planted a security fence around it, and have been living a normal life with our family for many years.

Later, Monir Ahmed's father, Nasir Mohammad Village Khagria Maizpara 6 Ward, got greedy for our purchased land, when he offered to sell our land while we were alive, as we didn't agree, Monir Ahmed and his successors spread money and local influence against us in Thana and Court Kachari.They have been torturing in various ways with various false, fabricated and invisible cases. Jasim Uddin, the former chairman of Khagria Union Parishad, members and other local dignitaries explained their respective positions in Kabala root on 17/04/2014, 8/2/2015, 6/12/2019, but Noor Mohammad Gong refused to accept it. Also, they were angry because various cases weren't going in their favor.

On May 8, at 6:30 AM, Noor Mohammad Gong came in front of my house with 4/5 unknown persons and started abusing me in unspeakable language, even though my father wasn't at home. They are more furious when told toentered my house and severely beat my sister Jannatul Ferdous and broke the almirahs kept in my house and stole gold ornaments and money, immediately when I called 999 the police of Satkania police station reached the spot and requested to file a complaint at the police station. We went to Satkania police station on that day and filed a complaint against the above accused.

The complaint is currently under investigation. To cover up this incident, Noor Mohammad organized a false and fabricated press conference that father Monir Ahmed Gong wasn't returning the place in exchange for money.

The information provided to the journalists in the press conference is completely false, fabricated and motivated. We strongly condemn and protest the previous press conference through today's press conference.

During the press conference, the said accused are threatening death through mobile phones, we request the immediate intervention of the concerned administration including the Hon'ble Prime Minister, Home Minister to take legal action subject to sound investigation. Abul Kalam, Mohammad Idris, Abul Kashem, Shahabuddin, Ledu Mia, Yusuf Chowkidar, Local Judge Babu Khan, Alurnnisha, Sharmin Akhtar, Nuru Akhtar (Bulu), Jannatul Ferdous Kaifa, Khatija Begum, Reshmi, Nishu and others were present in the press conference. .

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