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Monday, 27 May 2024
Nasiha Foundation teaching Holy Quran to children in Sylhet

Nasiha Foundation teaching Holy Quran to children in Sylhet

Sylhet Bureau

Nasiha Foundation in Sylhet is teaching Quran-prayer and various matters of religion to children, teenagers and adults separately.

Nasiha Foundation's 'Tadribul Quran' project started in 7 centers in Sylhet city and suburbs from 2nd Ramadan. Every day from Zohr to 3 pm, Surah, Doa-Durood for young children and Ampara for teenagers, Quran Sharif teaching. On the other hand, seniors are trained separately. Various matters of daily life are being taught purely including ablution education, surah education, prayer education.

Resident of Raynagar Sonarpara area of Sylhet city and veteran businessman of Sylhet late Alhaj Abdus Salam. In order to realize its dream, the leaders of the foundation, Mufti Sheikh Habib Nuh and Mufti Shamim Muhammad started this programme.

This year, the Quran training centers in Sylhet city are - Rainagar Sonarpara Jame Masjid, Daptripara Jame Masjid, Mirapara, Batertal Baitur Rahman Jame Masjid, Kuchai Majhpara Jame Masjid, Banshidhar Central Jame Masjid of Khadimpara Union, Banshidhar Baitul Mukarram Jame Masjid, Tilapara, Omar Ibnul Khattab Jame Masjid at Airport. Quran teaching training is going on.

The on-site inspection team visited all the centers and told the media that about 650 students are participating in the above 7 centers. The foundation is bearing the cost of all educational materials starting from books. Not only that, teachers are giving utmost importance in providing training to children and adults. Doing the service of Karim in the Quran with Antarkita.
A visit to the Banshidhar Jame Masjid Center shows that the children are learning the Quran with great enthusiasm.

The ordinary Muslims of the area are also happy with this arrangement of Nasihar. Local UP member said. Nazrul Islam said, "Tadribul Quran" project of Nasiha Foundation has been running in this mosque since last 3 years including this year. Children as well as the elderly are also able to learn the religion, they are getting the opportunity to purify their Sura Kalam. That is selfishness. He thanked Nasiha on behalf of the area.

Mufti Sheikh Habib Nuh, the visionary of Nasiha Foundation, a distinguished scholar and Islamic scholar, said that Ramadan is the month of revelation of the Quran. This month comes to us with a golden opportunity to learn Quran. Therefore, considering time as a prize, our faith's demand is to acquire Quranic education. If the recitation is not pure, there will be no prayer. My late father. Its very desire was to spread Quranic education among Muslim youth and adults. So that everyone can learn the Quran properly.

Qari Maulana Atiqur Rahman Nagori, was the inspector under the leadership of Ramadan Project President Alhaj Abdur Rakib Raku. Dildar Hossain. Abdur Rob Sayem was present, General Secretary Hasib Ahmad Masum was supervising and inspecting the whole.

Abdul Allam Ramim and Abdul Qayyum, one of the members of the foundation, are carrying forward this organization of Nasihar very efficiently through the management of publicity and publication.

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