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Wednesday, 24 April 2024
Like father and grandfather, he is living by cutting his hair, beard in Lam

Like father and grandfather, he is living by cutting his hair, beard in Lam

Jahid Dulal, Lalmohan (Bhola)

Barber or barber. Barber name is known to all people young and old. Barbers went to the homes of the rich and middle class in the countryside to cut hair and beards in exchange for annual rice contracts.

With the touch of modernity and the evolution of time, barbers no longer go to people's homes to cut hair and beards. Moreover, once upon a time, hair and beards were cut and shaved sitting on straws in the open market of villages and towns. They used to have a small box containing scissors, comb, razor, mirror and shaving equipment. Besides, there was a pair of sticks.

Today, with the touch of modernity, that scene is no longer visible. Which is now on the way to extinction.

However, Chittaranjan Shil and Narayan Shil have kept the tradition of shaving their hair and beard like their ancestors. Regularly for the past 50 years, they cut the hair and beards of the locals by sitting on straws near the livestock market of Gazaria Bazar in Bhola's Lalmohan. whose income runs their family. People of different ages came to them.

For this work Chittaranjan and Narayan Sheel have the necessary items to say; Comb, cloth, small mirror, razor and scissors. They are residents of Aligaon area of Omarpur union of neighboring Charfashan upazila.

Narasundar Chittaranjan Sheel said that earlier people used to cut and shave their hair and beard under the open sky. His father and father's father (Dada Babu) also worked in this way. Keeping that tradition, for the last 50 years, he went to different markets and cut people's hair by sitting on straws on the sidewalk. Shave. By doing this, they earn an average of 150 rupees per market. His family of 6 lives with this money.

Another Narasundar Narayan Sheel said, people of different age groups come to us. Some give 20 taka, others 40 taka for cutting and shaving their hair and beard. By doing this, each market earns about one and a half hundred rupees. A family of 7 members runs on this income.
Some people who came to Narasundar Chittaranjan and Narayan Sheel for hair cutting and shaving said that they can cut hair and beard at a low price. They also charge less for shaving.

That's why I come to them. If you go to the salons in the market, you have to pay one to one and a half hundred rupees for hair and beard cutting and shaving. At one time it was necessary to cut hair and beard while sitting in the open environment. These are not commonly seen anymore.

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