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Wednesday, 24 April 2024
Irregularities in recruitment of manpower in Youth Development Depatt : Probe body formed

Irregularities in recruitment of manpower in Youth Development Depatt : Probe body formed

Staff Reporter

Massive irregularities have been alleged in the recruitment of manpower in outsourcing process in the Department of Youth Development in collusion with the Project Director, Director General ( DG) of the Department and contracting companies Dhaleswari Security and Cleaning Service (Pvt.) Ltd., State Service Ltd., Ekushe Security Service Ltd., Prima Associates Ltd. and Radisson Technology Ltd.

It is alleged that they got the tender through irregularities, fraud and deception. Based on these complaints, a written complaint was given to the Minister and Secretary of the concerned Ministry, Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) Chairman, Director General (DG) of the Directorate of Youth Development and the Project Director.

Following the allegations, the Ministry of Youth and Sports has recently formed an inquiry committee against the concerned officials of Youth Development Department's "Comprehensive Technology-Based Integrated Performance Management for Poverty Alleviation (Phase 3)" due to widespread irregularities and corruption in the recruitment of around 700 manpower through outsourcing and pending the completion of the investigation. All activities have been suspended.

But since the Director General of Youth Development and the Project Director did not take any action in this regard, an investigation committee headed by a Joint Secretary of the Ministry was formed on August 30, 2022 based on the memorandum No. 34.00.0000. of the concerned Ministry on 1st September 2022.

The committee interviewed the Executive Director, Md Ibrahim on behalf of Orth Pvt Ltd and the Managing Director Anamika Samad on behalf of Gulf Securities Services (Pvt) Ltd. They informed the investigation committee about the irregularities along with the audio clips orally and in writing.

It is said in the complaint that Dhaleswar Security and Cleaning Service Pvt. Ltd. participated in the said tender, where they submitted the contract and work order tender for the supply of 800 manpower to various departments. Among them, 151 people in Midfort Hospital and 189 people in the Directorate of Agriculture Extension and other contracts and work orders submitted the said tender.

But the manpower provided by the Department of Inspection of Contractors, Factories, and Institutions is shown as 26. But the work order submitted for the project in the Youth Development Department has no match with the list of the Factory Inspection Department and their three years of bank turnover with audit report and income tax.

There is no match and Syed Atiqur Rahman, managing director of Dhaleswar Security and Cleaning Service Pvt. Ltd., said in a conversation on mobile phone, "Deputy director of Youth Development Department's Narsingandi branch went to Basabo DG's house and paid 30 lakh rupees through Jewel." Then when he saluted the DG, the DG said your work is done.'' State Service Limited took part in the said tender and submitted 1200 manpower supply contracts and work orders to various departments.

Another company owned by the same owner is Ekushey Security Service Limited. Lot-3 of the said tender took part. There he submitted contract and work order tenders for supply of 350 manpower to various departments. But there is no match with the list submitted by the Directorate of Factory Inspection.

As per the conditions in the tender, Lot No. 3 requires a single work order of Rs. 3 crore within the last three years, which Ekushey Security Services Ltd. does not have. Even under that condition, it violated the tender rules and awarded NOA to Ekushey Security Services Ltd.

Which will come out if investigated. There is no match with the bank turnover and audit report of Ekushey Security Service Ltd. and State Service Ltd. Mizanur Rahman made an agreement with Tipu of Bhola by paying Tk 20 lakh in advance for Lot No. 3 and Lot No. 5 and Tk 1 lakh 30 thousand for each person. As proof of which, their statements were submitted to the Kathakopthan recording investigation committee. It is further alleged that Prima Associates Ltd. participated in Lot No. 2. By participating in the tender, he submitted the contract and work order for the supply of 1300 manpower to various departments. But the work orders submitted for the project with the manpower provided by the contractor company, factories, and inspection department.It has no match with the list of Directorate of Factory Inspection.

And they have nothing to do with bank turnover and audit reports and income tax. 10 lakh advance and 1 lakh 60 thousand taka contracts with external brokers. As proof of which their recording was submitted to the inquiry committee of Kathakopthan. On the other hand, Radisson Technology Ltd. participated in Lot No. 4 in the said tender and Radisson Technology Ltd. NOA was awarded.

The owner of Radisson, Md Delwar Hossain Farooq, is extorting money from the common people by 2 lakh 50 thousand and 3 lakh rupees per person by talking about government jobs. Which is cheating the common people and the youth of the country. As proof of which the recording of his speech was submitted to the Inquiry Committee. Based on the complaint, several reports were published in various daily newspapers. After the publication of the report, the youth development department authorities constituted an investigation committee.

Due to the fact that the head of the investigation committee is out of the country, the committee has been reconstituted to conduct further investigation. On the other hand, the tender for recruitment of manpower by outsourcing method in the name of four contracting companies has been cancelled. According to sources, more than 700 manpower will be appointed through outsourcing for some projects of Youth Development Department. And the contractor company that got the work orders for those projects plans to collect one to one and a half lakh rupees from each person.

It has been planned to grab crores of rupees with the help of brokers through corruption. And for the implementation of this plan, the already mentioned project managers have been accused of bribery of large sums of money from the respective contracting companies. The issue of these bribe transactions was revealed in the audio records of the owners of the contracting company. The source also said that the tender No. 34.01.--140.

Through this irregularity, corruption and accepting bribes, the fake document holder and preferred organization Al Momin Outsourcing has been given the noa, contract and work order to hire manpower on outsourcing basis. The Project Director of this project is Abdul Latif Mollah. In addition, another project director of the same department.

S. M. In the tender No. 34.01.00--62.- called by Alamgir Kabir dated June 2, it has been alleged that through irregularities, corruption and accepting bribes, the preferred company has been appointed to hire manpower on the basis of outsourcing. Anamika Samad, managing director of Orth Private Limited and Gulf Security Services, made these allegations.

On May 16, Project Director (PD) Abdul Latif Molla did not have the project condition documents of Al Momin Outsourcing.

But all the credentials submitted by the contracting company with the tender application are fake.

Despite this complaint, the evaluation committee of the tender took unethical benefits from Al Momin Outsourcing without verifying any documents submitted by the bidders as per the terms of the schedule, and awarded noa, contract and work order in favor of the said organization.

The company has been accused of extorting huge amounts of money from unemployed job seekers in the name of government jobs. Moreover, Dr. SM Alamgir Kabir Project Director, 'Comprehensive Technology Based Integrated Resource Management for Poverty Alleviation (3rd)' Project, Directorate of Youth Development, a total of 5 lots i.e. Lot 01,02,03,04. And bids are invited by dividing them into 05.

In the said tender, Artha Pvt Ltd participated in Lot-01 and Gulf Security Services (Pvt.) Ltd participated in Lot-04.

But like the tender called by the previous project director Abdul Latif Molla, project director Dr. SM Alamgir Kabir has received Noa for the purpose of recruitment of manpower on outsourcing basis for above mentioned lot no.01 to 05.

According to reliable sources, a special syndicate consisting of some corrupt officials and external brokers has been formed in the Youth Development Department. Through this syndicate all the bidding firms are given consent on the terms and conditions as per their requirement.

And the bidder organizations are recommended to respond to the bids invited by the Department of Youth Development for poverty alleviation of comprehensive technology-based integrated resource management (3rd phase) project lot no.

On the other hand, the executive director of the complainant Orth Private Limited, 43 Hatkhola Road Tikatulistha. Using Ibrahim's name and his company's pad, some brokers are doing financial transactions with selection letters in the Youth Development Department's project titled 'Comprehensive Technology Based Integrated Asset Management for Poverty Alleviation (Phase 3)'. Common people are being cheated. As a result, GD No. 1364 was registered at Wari Police Station of the capital on Sunday, August 28. It should be noted that a total of 48 contractor organizations participated in the projects.

Then two NOAs were given to two companies of the same owner. And three other institutions have been given three NOAs. And these organizations get the work orders through the brokers of the concerned project managers of the youth development department.

As a result, professional contracting firms are becoming hostage to irregularities and corrupt syndicates. Mr. Delwar Hossain Farooq, managing director of Radisson Technology Ltd., is deceiving the general public by taking two/two and a half lakh takas from the common people by talking about a government job in Lot No. 4 of the Youth Development Department's Poverty Alleviation Project. Meanwhile, Dhaleswar Security and Cleaning Service Pvt. Ltd., Cest Service Ltd., Ekushe Security Service Ltd., Al-Momin Outsourcing Services Ltd. and Prima Associates Ltd. have been accused of taking licenses by ignoring the prevailing rules and regulations and concealing information from the Directorate of Factory and Establishment Inspection.

A complaint has been lodged with the Directorate of Factories in this regard which is under investigation.In this regard, the Secretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Mejbah Uddin, told this correspondent that an investigation is being conducted based on reports and complaints from newspapers and magazines. But the investigation is not over yet. Therefore, the recruitment of manpower in the Department of Youth Development through outsourcing is suspended.

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