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Wednesday, 22 May 2024
Husband arrested for killing wife for dowry in Brahmanpara

Husband arrested for killing wife for dowry in Brahmanpara

Cumilla Correspondent

Brahmanpara Thana Police has arrested the Md. Sumon (45) on the charge of killing a bride named Shiuli Akhter by torturing her for dowry demand in Shidlai Union of Brahmanpara Upazila in Cumilla .

The victim's mother, Jharna Begum, filed a murder case at Brahmanpara Police Station on Monday

According to the statement of the case, 18 years ago Md Suman (45) son of Abdul Hakim of Laduchou village of Shidlai Union had a family marriage with Shiuli Akhter (35) of Syedabad village of Kasba police station.

After the marriage, there was a family dispute with his wife Shiuli Akhtar over various issues including her husband Suman's dowry. Besides, the defendant Suman used to pressure Shiuli Akhter in various ways for dowry after marriage. Two months ago, Shiuli Akhter bought a bullock cow for her husband Suman by bringing 80,000 taka from her father's house. Suman did not stop at this. In continuation of this, last Friday night on April 19, husband Suman tortured his wife a lot for money.

The next day, Suman told his wife that Shiuli Akhter had fever. Shiuli Akhter's mother went to their house and searched without seeing her daughter. At one stage, Shiuli Akhter was found dead with her two legs stuck in the pool of Maju Mia on the west side of Suman's house. After informing the Brahmanpara police station, the police recovered the body and brought it to the police station and sent it to Cumilla Medical College Hospital for post-mortem. Jharna Begum (48), mother of the deceased Shiuli Akhter, filed a murder case in the police station.

Shiuli's father Delwar Hossain said, 20 years ago my daughter got married to Sumon Mia. After marriage, Suman Mia used to beat him several times. Then when Shiuli came to us, I thought about the children and sent her back to her husband's house. Sometimes money is also given for the happiness of the girl. A few days ago, I gave him 30 thousand rupees again when he beat me for money. On the day of the incident, they had a fight over that money. Since then my daughter could not be found. The next day, Saturday afternoon, my daughter's body was found in a pond near the house.

Brahmanpara Police Station Officer-in-charge (Investigation) Aminul Islam confirmed the truth and said that after getting the information, we recovered the body of the deceased from the drowning and sent it to Kumek Hospital after the investigation.

Suman Miah, the murderer, was arrested in a raid and the murderer Suman was sent to jail through the Cumilla morning Court on Monday afternoon.

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