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Sunday, 19 May 2024
Gree AC now world's No-1brand

Gree AC now world's No-1brand

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Gree AC has been recognized as the world's number one air conditioner brand in 2022 for its consistent performance, consumer confidence, trust and subsequent success.

It is the 18th time since 2005 that Gree has achieved this recognition. Recently, Euromonitor International named Gree AC the world's best brand for the year 2022. Gree earned this recognition by evaluating four key indicators: business intelligence, market analysis, retail sales volume and consumer insight for air conditioning products marketed globally.

Gree manufactures and markets residential, commercial and multi VRF air conditioning systems worldwide. At present, Gree's central air conditioning systems worldwide can be used for maximum space air conditioning at low cost. As a result its use is now everywhere. Gree's Multi VRF systems are used in most of the large corporate offices, multi-storey buildings and industrial projects around the world. The modern magnetic cooler technology invented by Gree makes the air conditioning operation of industrial projects affordable and widely eco-friendly.

Electro Mart Group has been supplying and marketing Gree AC in Bangladesh market for more than 25 years with reliability, reputation and trust. For the past 15 years, Gree AC has occupied the number one position in the Bangladeshi market. Gree AC's current market share is around 60 percent. Gree AC is currently manufactured, supplied and after-sales services provided by Electro Mart Group in the country. At present, about one hundred and more series of Gree brand ACs are available everywhere in the country including all sales and display centers, retail showrooms and partner showrooms.

Gree AC is now state of the art technology, build in inverter technology and environment friendly. Gree AC has Biological Filter, Catechine Filter, Silver Iron Filter and Klosma Air Purification Technology which is capable of completely purifying indoor air. Gree AC's i-feel technology is able to regulate room and body temperature. Gree AC's Ideal Temperature Adjustment technology auto-adjusts the room temperature to the environment. As a result, electricity is saved.

In addition, the Gree AC saves up to 70% electricity at the maximum level due to the world's first boost inverter compressor. Gree AC is equipped with Nano Technology compressor technology. The T-3 can reduce airflow to a minimum of 8 degrees Celsius in walking conditions, giving you the ultimate in coolness and comfort. In just 1 minute, Gree AC can reduce the temperature of 27 degrees Celsius inside and 35 degrees Celsius outside to 8 degrees Celsius.

In addition, Gree AC is capable of operating at 68 degrees outside temperature. Double air louver technology cools every corner of the room at a distance of 13 meters. In addition, the Gree AC also has a swing function with “3-D Air Flow” technology that circulates air around the room.

The environment of the room is quiet thanks to the Gree AC capable of running at a minimum of 33 F less noise. The Gree AC has seven stages of air flow and four stages of automatic air clean and flow. Condenser and evaporator with gold fin and anti-corrosion does not rust easily. As a result, performance is maintained for a long time.

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