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Thursday, 13 June 2024
Farmgate’s Anwara Park to be returned as a park: Atiqul

Farmgate’s Anwara Park to be returned as a park: Atiqul

Staff Correspondent

In a move aimed at preserving green spaces and enhancing the quality of life in Dhaka, Dhaka North City Corporation Mayor Md. Atiqul Islam has announced that Anwara Park at Farmgate will remain a park and will not be subjected to any construction.

"No construction will be allowed in Anwara Park at Farmgate, it will be kept open to the public as a park. It was once a park. Based on public demand, it must be returned as a park. I am with the people. No construction here, it will remain as a park," said the Mayor, emphasising his commitment to maintaining green spaces for public use.

The announcement was made on Monday afternoon during a policy dialogue titled "Save Your Breath - Clean Air Imperatives," organised by the Shakti Foundation and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) at the Sheraton Hotel in Dhaka.

The dialogue highlighted the importance of data-driven solutions and effective implementation strategies to improve air quality.

Atiqul Islam also introduced five key measures to combat air pollution in Dhaka. The initiatives include: using covers at construction sites to prevent dust-borne air pollution, ensuring proper covering for vehicles transporting materials that disperse fine particles, banning unsuitable vehicles that emit black smoke, avoiding the unnecessary burning of leaves and waste and closing illegal sewerage lines in drains and canals.

"Everyone needs to be aware to protect the city's environment. Various agencies need to work in coordination," the Mayor stated, underscoring the need for collective effort in tackling environmental issues.


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