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Sunday, 14 July 2024
Farmers' human chain in Ghior demanding regular monsoon, climate justice

Farmers' human chain in Ghior demanding regular monsoon, climate justice

Manikganj Correspondent

"We want monsoons not floods, we want climate compensation, we protect seasonal diversity" in the demand for climate justice.

Today morning from 11.00 am to 12.00 pm, a human chain program was organized by Sabuj Saghati, Kunduria Krishak Sangha and Dhalai Krishak Sangh at the square adjacent to Kunduria Canal of Nali Union of Ghior Upazila.

The discussion meeting was presided over by Krishak Subal Sarkar, President of Kunduria Krishak Krishani Sangathan and Barcik Program Officer Subir Kumar Sarkar, Barcik Regional Coordinator Bimal Chandra Roy gave welcome address.

Shri Jyotish Chandra Sarkar, UP Member, Nali Union Parishad Janata representative, spoke as the chief guest. Md. participated in the special discussion on behalf of Green Solidarity. Sentu Mia, farmer leader. Monowar Hossain, Sushil Sarkar, BARCIK Project Officer. Nazrul Islam, Samael Hasda etc.

Speakers said we are not getting Ban water on time due to negative change in climate, we are encroaching and polluting the canals and rivers for the life of the AIC. Now, even though there is water in the river, we are not getting water due to unplanned dams and dams blocking the water source and even if we get it at an untimely time, crop diversity cannot be protected due to water logging.

They also said, it is very necessary to dig the canal from Kunduria Primary School to Helachia. This will create opportunities in the cultivation of deep water Aman season Price , jute, dhaincha. Sustainable agriculture with numerous crops will be developed and biodiversity protected.

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