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Thursday, 29 February 2024
Expulsion of four students over threat in football game at BSMRSTU

Expulsion of four students over threat in football game at BSMRSTU

Hridoy Sarker, BSMRSTU Correspondent

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology University (BSMRSTU) of Gopalganj has expelled 4 students in connection with a fight on the field and a threat to kill a student.

This decision was taken in the meeting of the disciplinary committee of the university till Wednesday (November 22) night. However, the matter was informed by the registrar's office on Thursday.

It is known that on November 5, a friendly football match was held between the Department of Pharmacy and Fisheries and Marine Bioscience (FMB) of the university. In the center of the game, there was a fight between the students of Pharmacy department and FMB department in the field. Later, this incident was not resolved on the field and spread to the university's residential hall 'Sheikh Russell Hall'. On Saturday, November 11, at noon, Sheikh Russell went to the hall.

A student of FMB department named Sajjad Hossain was allegedly thrown and severely beaten by Roni Mridha, a fourth year student of pharmacy department and his accomplice. In this regard, the injured Sajjad sat on a hunger strike from 7:30 pm that day, seeking justice and safety. At that time, Sajjad left the hunger strike with the assurance of the provost body of Sheikh Russell Hall, the provost body of the university.

In the incident on November 6, the dean of the political science department of the university. Md. An investigation committee consisting of 7 members was formed with Hasibur Rahman as its head. The inquiry committee submitted its report on Tuesday (November 21). A disciplinary committee meeting was held on Wednesday (November 22) based on the report of the inquiry committee In the meeting it was decided to expel 2 students directly involved in the incident for life and 2 students were expelled for 2 semesters.

The students expelled for life are Roni Mridha, fourth year student of Pharmacy Department and Ujjal Ahmed Saqib, second year student of Fisheries and Marine Bioscience Department. On the other hand, the 2 semester expelled students are Saiful Islam Sagar, second year student of Fisheries and Marine Bioscience Department and Pharmacy department student Abu Hena.

In this regard, the registrar of the university Dalilur Rahman said that the disciplinary committee meeting was held last night. As per the decision of the meeting, we have taken action regarding them today. He said that according to the rules of the university, after the decision of the disciplinary board, the accused are given an opportunity to defend themselves. So we have given them 7 working days to defend themselves. Further decisions will be taken depending on their answers.

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