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Monday, 27 May 2024
Dola’s ‘Bhalobese Nissho’ on Eid

Dola’s ‘Bhalobese Nissho’ on Eid

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Popular singer of this generation Asia Islam Dola has lent her voice to a new song titled ‘Bhalobese Nissho’.

Singer Dola herself has written the lyrics of the song while Rajib Hossain has composed and arranged the music of the track. Raj Biswas Sankor is the director of the music video of the song.

Anwar Hosen Sweet is the produce and coordinator of the track.

The song will be released on Dola’s own YouTube channel with music video on the second of Eid-ul-Fitr.

About the song, Dola said, “I wrote and composed the song about three years ago. An artiste is never satisfied with his/her work. But some creations like themselves.

This song is like that. As a result, even though the song was not properly recorded, I sang the impromptu composition on various TV shows. I have sung the song on stage twice. Finally the song got fixed form with a beautiful composition and music video. I hope the audience will also enjoy the song very much.”

Singer Asia Islam Dola, who came into the limelight after her performance in musical show Channel i-Sherakontho in 2017, has released a number of original tracks, including “Hele Dule”, “Kancher Churi” and “Parina Shamlate” in her career.


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