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Thursday, 23 May 2024
Distribution of houses among minority not completed in Jhenaigati even in 3 years

Distribution of houses among minority not completed in Jhenaigati even in 3 years

Sherpur Correspondent

The construction work of houses for the minority community has not been completed even after 3 years. With the aim of improving the quality of life of the small ethnic groups (tribals) living in the plains of the country except the hilly areas, at the initiative of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina housing project was taken in the financial year 2019-20-21. It is known that Jhenaigati upazila is under that project. 20 houses are allocated for distribution among the homeless, minority communities.

Upazila Tribal Welfare Association is responsible for the construction of the houses under the supervision of the Upazila administration. 1 lakh 70 thousand taka is allocated for the construction of each semi-paved house. House construction work is also started as usual.

In the beginning, all the money allocated for the construction of the house was withdrawn and spent. But in 3 long years the construction work of all those houses was not completed. On the spot investigation, it was found that the plaster work of any room including floor casting, bathroom, door, window, etc. was not done. Rita Moni Koch of Naya Rangtia village of the upazila, Ranjan Chandra Burman of Hindu Para, Rabio Sangma of Ghazni village, Trishna Dio of Deflai village, Samala Mrong of Dhanshail Chakpara village and many others said that the house is half the work.

The house builders stopped the work before it was finished.

They also said that the Chairman of Upazila Tribal Welfare Association Nabesh Khakshi, has been repeatedly asked to build houses, but he is not paying attention even for 3 long years.

At present the beneficiaries are not able to live in the houses. They are in dire straits.
Chairman of Upazila Tribal Welfare Association Mr. Navesh Khakshi said, work is delayed due to lack of money.

However, the rest of the work will be completed soon. In this regard Jhenaigati Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Abdullah Al Mahmud Bhuiyan.

He said, I am new. I came to know about it. Necessary action will be taken by checking the house list and seeing how many houses are left for work. In this regard, the victim families are seeking the intervention of the concerned higher authorities.

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