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Monday, 27 May 2024
Construction of retaining wall of Rangamati Fishery Dam starts

Construction of retaining wall of Rangamati Fishery Dam starts

Rangamati Correspondent

The construction of the remaining part of the retaining wall of Fishery Dam in Rangamati town has started.

Under the Rangamati road division, the work of 299 meters of one side of this dam with a length of 663 meters was completed in two phases.

The remaining 364 meters work was recently started by the contractor. Locals believe that if the retaining wall is built in the entire part of the embankment, the risk of road collapse during monsoons will be eliminated. They demand that this place be beautified permanently after the construction of the retaining wall of the dam. The road department also said that after the retaining wall, they have beautification plans both temporary and permanent.

This road is connected by joining some islands in the middle on both sides of Kaptai lake. This place is very attractive to locals and tourists due to the beauty of the lake on both sides.It is the only means of communication between Tabalchari, Banarupa and Rezarv Bazar in the city

On June 13, 2017, a severe landslide in Rangamati caused extensive damage to the road communication system. At that time, 151 sections of roads were damaged across the district. The road department has started the implementation of the 239 crore project to repair the damaged roads, improve the communication system and prevent landslides.In this project, 299 meters of 663 meters of embankment has been constructed in two phases.However, due to the lack of construction of retaining walls in the entire part of the dam, the road broke and stopped traffic during the last monsoon season. Immediately the road department protected the road with balli (tree poles) around 50 meters area. Work on the remaining 364 meters of the embankment has recently started after a tender was called.

Going to the surface, it can be seen that the soil on one side of the embankment has been cut and leveled with a shovel. Piling work has started on the leveled section. A section of the workers are busy in straightening the rods and the rest of the workers are busy in piling. The workers said that the wall work will be completed before monsoon.

Sabuj Chakma, Executive Engineer of Rangamati Roads and Public Paths Department, said that the construction of 965 meters retaining wall has started in Rangamati at a cost of about 50 crore rupees.

Among them, 364 meters of retaining wall is being constructed at Matsya Dam. In this, the entire part of one side of the dam will be walled. Temporary beautification work will be carried out under own management immediately after completion of wall work. But permanent beautification is needed to make the place more attractive. Which is time consuming and expensive. Still we are going ahead with the work, currently it is in the design stage.

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