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Thursday, 25 July 2024
Chevron, Green Savers sign agreement on plantation

Chevron, Green Savers sign agreement on plantation

Staff Correspondent

Chevron Bangladesh and Green Savers officially signed a five-year-long project implementation agreement titled 'Planned Tree Plantation Initiative' at the corporate office of Chevron Bangladesh in Gulshan, Dhaka.

This project will be implemented in five-year duration from 2024 to 2029 in three main parts. Firstly, 4,000 trees will be planted on both sides of the Bibiyana Gas Plant connection road managed by 'Chevron Bangladesh' to create green forests with preference to native trees and to provide food and habitat for birds and other biodiversities by keeping trees alive through planting and long-term post-planting care.

There are 36 different species of trees suitable for planting; 1 thousand 350 medium and 1 thousand 500 large-sized ornamental flowers and wood trees and 1 thousand 150 cedar trees will be planted. Each sapling will be accompanied by stabilizing sticks, fencing around the saplings to protect the trees from cattle, and continuous 3-year maintenance by Green Savers.

Secondly, community-level 'Afforestation campaign ' under the Tree Guardianship Model of Green Savers will be carried out in different parts of Habiganj district near Bibiyana Gas Plant. In a single phase, starting with local people, various educational institutions like schools, colleges, mosques, and madrasas, and along both sides of the road, tree plantation activities will be carried out. Thirdly, during this 5-year contract period, 'Chevron Bangladesh' and Green Savers will supply indigenous tree seedlings of improved varieties for the planned plantation in any part of Bangladesh, considering the utility and demand.

It should be noted that, Chevron is one of the world’s leading integrated energy companies, involved in virtually every aspect of the energy industry. Chevron Bangladesh Block Twelve, Ltd. and Chevron Bangladesh Blocks Thirteen & Fourteen, Ltd. (“Chevron Bangladesh”) is the largest producer of natural gas in Bangladesh, accounting for about 60% of total domestic natural gas production and over 80% of the domestic condensate production. Chevron Bangladesh operates three gas fields in the northeast of the country. Chevron Bangladesh works with communities across its operations, building long-term partnerships that foster economic development and lasting benefits to them.

On the other hand, Green Savers, a national award-winning environmental organization, has been conducting activities since 2010 with the aim of promoting the environment, urban agriculture, rooftop gardens, and nationwide planned greening.

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