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Friday, 24 May 2024
Butcher shop staffer hacked dead by fellow: Police

Butcher shop staffer hacked dead by fellow: Police

Staff Correspondent

Khairul Islam, staffer of a butcher shop in city’s Dakkhinkhan area, was hacked to death by a fellow when he was reportedly trying to make illicit physical contact with the fellow, police claimed two days after the murder.

Deputy Commissioner (Uttara Crime Division) of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Morshed Alam in a press conference on Wednesday said, ‘On November 12, Khairul, an employee of Afzal Gosto Bitan and Shohidul Islam, an employee Judge Mia Gosto Bitan were sleeping together. At the dead of the night, Khairul tried to make illicit physical contact with Shohidul. Being infuriated at this, Shohidul hit Khairul with a machete which was kept in a box near him. Shohidul hit him three more times to ensure his death.’

According to the DC, Shohidul cleaned the blood stained-machete by a blanket and kept the machete in the box as it was and left the shop keeping a gate of it open.

Morshed claimed, After killing him, Shohidul was continuing his job in the butcher shop until caught by the police on 14 November from his employer’s shop at Adam Ali Markt in Faidabad area.

He added that the victim and the accused were residents of the Beraid area under Badda police station.

On 15 November, Officer in Charge of Dakkhinkhan Police Station Siddiqur Rahman told Daily Sun, ‘We produced Shohidul before the court and the court sent him to jail in the case.’

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