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Monday, 15 July 2024
Bhola's development means Tofail Bhai Zahurul Islam Nokib

Bhola's development means Tofail Bhai Zahurul Islam Nokib

Ali Hossain Rubel, Bhola

Bhola is the famous island district of Bangladesh. Among those who have worked tirelessly for the development of Bhola, no one can be compared to our national and legendary leader Tofail Bhai, neither in the past nor in the future. Because I have seen this leader very closely.

There is only one dream in his eyes, how to develop Bhola, how to improve the quality of life of every person in Bhola. How to transform Bhola into a modern Bhola and introduce it all over Bangladesh, because my leader is always thinking and thinking that the phenomenal development of Bhola till now has been possible only because of my leader Tofail Bhai. What would not have been possible in life by anyone else.

Now suppose my leader is lying with Bhola Barisal Bridge. Talked to Prime Minister and Minister of Roads and Communications several times. They assured.

Hope our Bhola-Barisal bridge will be completed very soon inshallah. Bhola's development means Tofail Bhai. Tofail Bhai's Jury Mela Var as a political leader. If he ever asks for something from someone, no one can return it. We are blessed to have a leader like him. May Allah give long life to this great leader of mine.

Zahurul Islam Naqib, Senior Joint General Secretary of Awami League of Bhola district and a very popular leader of the Apamar people of Bhola, said this during a private conversation at his political office at around three o'clock yesterday, April 3.

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