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Sunday, 16 June 2024
Aush cultivation : Farmers worried over drought in Brahmanpara in Cumilla

Aush cultivation : Farmers worried over drought in Brahmanpara in Cumilla

Zakir Azad, Cumilla

This year, Bangladesh has faced the terrible temperature of remembrance. In the middle the temperature is under control but the temperature has started rising again.

At this time, due to lack of rain, the seed bed of Aush paddy has become dehydrated due to the dry heat of the sun in Brahmanpara, Cumilla.

In this, the soil of the seedbed is broken and the seedbed is destroyed. As a result, the farmers of that upazila are worried. Farmers say that there was some rain after a severe drought in the month of Baisakh. Aush's seed bed has been made with that rain water.

The month of Baisakh has ended and the month of Jaishtyam has begun, but now there is no rain. Due to this drought again, the water has dried up from the land and the soil has started to crack. Due to lack of water, the seed bed is getting destroyed.

If this continues for a few more days, aush cultivation will be disrupted in this upazila. According to upazila agriculture office sources, the target of sowing in this upazila was 273.95 hectares during the monsoon season. However, due to drought, the seedbed target of 232 hectares has been achieved.

This year, the target of Aushdhan plantation is 5 thousand 496 hectares. Due to lack of rain, problems have arisen in some places in the seed bed. The upazila agriculture department is advising the farmers to give water through irrigation to protect the seeds. On the surface, the crop fields of Dulalpur, Shidlai, Chandla, Shasidal and Sadar Union of the upazila were visited.

Due to lack of rain, the water in the seed bed has dried up due to intense sun. The soil in some seedbeds has become dehydrated and cracked. Due to lack of water, the seedbed is getting destroyed. As some of the seedbeds are near water bodies, farmers are supplying water to the dry seedbeds through irrigation. In such a hostile situation, folds of thought were noticed on the foreheads of the farmers. Farmers also said that there is a possibility of disruption of Aush Abad if it does not rain soon.

Baker Ali a farmer in the upazila Sadar's long land area, said, 'I cultivate aushdhan on 52 hundred acres of land every year. For that purpose, I made seed beds in the middle of Baisakh. But at the moment, due to lack of rain, the soil of my seed bed has dried up and cracked. If the seed bed is destroyed, I will be in trouble in Aush Abad.' Mobarak Hossain, a farmer of Shidlai area of the upazila, said that there is no water body near where he has built the nursery.

Due to which the Aush paddy seedlings are dying due to drought in its seed bed. This year there is talk of Aush Abad in his 69th century land. However, if the seedbed is destroyed due to drought, he will have to face losses.

Muminul Islam, a farmer in the Mahalakshipara area of the upazila, said, 'Due to continuous drought, there has been a shortage of water in seedbeds. I am irrigating the land by taking water from canal with shallow machine.

If it doesn't rain soon, many seeds will be damaged in this upazila.' Upazila Agricultural Officer Agriculturist Md. Masud Rana said, 'The target of Aush paddy planting in Brahmanpara Upazila this year is 273 hectares. So far, about 232 hectares of Aush seedbeds have been developed. Aush Bijtala is expected to exceed the target in few days.

We have been advising the farmer brothers to ensure 100% ideal seedbeds to ensure healthy and good quality seedlings through intensive care. He also said that the seedlings in the seedbed are now in the initial stage.

Care during this time is very important. At this time, farmers are advised to keep enough water in the seed bed.

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