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Sunday, 14 July 2024
Abdul Karim not getting old-age allowance as he was shown dead

Abdul Karim not getting old-age allowance as he was shown dead

Lalmohan (Bhola) Correspondent

Abdul Karim is 70-year old but he was informed that he died. Such an incident happened with Abdul Karim, a resident of Syed Mouluvi house of Chatla area of Ward No. 4 of Dhaligaurnagar Union of Lalmohan Upazila of Bhola.

He said, I am not so well-off even in the family. So I apply for an old age allowance due to age. Then in 2020 an old age allowance was introduced in my name. I was getting the same allowance for two years. He used to pay 1500 taka every three months. But suddenly that money stopped. Then go to social services office. Go there and hear 'I am dead'. For which another person has been named in my place from the Union Parishad. Allowance is closed for this.

Old Abdul Karim said, I walked to the social service office. I couldn't believe hearing the news of my death there. I was shocked to hear such news. Later I went to the Secretary of Dhaligaurnagar Union Parishad to find out about the matter. He informed me; Many such incidents are happening, I don't know who is doing these things. The secretary says he has no hand here, he can't do anything.

He also said that he is old. Many diseases in the body. Wife is also sick. At least I could buy medicine with this allowance money. Now the allowance has stopped, so it is difficult to continue. Demanding resumption of my allowance. At the same time, I wish to punish those who, through this fraud, stopped my allowance as dead even though I was alive.

Jaharlal Das, Secretary of Dhaligaurnagar Union Parishad of Lalmohan, said that the old man named Abdul Karim is alive. He used to get an old age allowance. However, he has been listed in the social service office as dead. For which old Abdul Karim's allowance was stopped. I don't know who listed him as dead. I wish these fraudsters to be punished.

Lalmohan upazila social service officer. Masud said, I am not aware of any such matter. If that person comes to the office and contacts, I will take necessary measures after knowing the details.

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