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Friday, 14 June 2024
624 bags of Indian sugar seized in Rupganj

624 bags of Indian sugar seized in Rupganj

Rupganj (Narayanganj) Correspondent

The mobile court of the district administration has seized 624 sacks of Indian sugar from Tarab Municipality in Rupganj, Narayanganj.

These sugars were seized from a godown of an organization called Dewan Enterprises in Nayanagar area of the municipality on Saturday afternoon.

At this time, 480 sacks of Indian brand wrappers and 144 sacks of fresh brand sugar were seized. A mobile court has fined Dewan Enterprises one lakh rupees for illegally stocking Indian sugar.

Robin Mia, senior assistant commissioner of the district administration, said about the campaign, "Due to the illegal import and marketing of Indian sugar, the domestic sugar traders are suffering losses. These sugars were stored for marketing.

They were using fresh brand wrappers. During the operation, 624 sacks of Indian sugar were recovered from the godown of Dewan Enterprises. Its estimated market value is Tk 39 lakh. The owner of the establishment has been fined one lakh rupees for storing and marketing Indian sugar.

He also said, "The confiscated goods have been entrusted to the local ward councilor for auction sale."

Major Anabil Imam of RAB-11, Agricultural Marketing Officer Atiqul Islam and a police team were present in the operation among others.

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