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Wednesday, 29 November 2023
25 yrs of Ferdous-starrer ‘Hothat Brishti’

25 yrs of Ferdous-starrer ‘Hothat Brishti’

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Popular Dhallywood film actor Ferdous Ahmed has completed 25 years of his acting career. He created quite a stir among the audience by acting in the movie ‘Hothat Brishti’ directed by Basu Chatterjee in 1998. However, before that, he acted in the movie ‘Buker Bhitor Agun’ by Chhatku Ahmed, replacing noted actor Salman Shah. From the release date his film ‘Hothat Brishti’ also completed 25 years.

In the long 25 years of his acting career, Ferdous has presented many popular movies to the audience. Also worked as a model in many popular TVCs. He has also won the hearts millions by anchoring as well. Among the Bangladeshi actors, Alamgir has received the highest number of National Film Awards. Next to him is actor Ferdous. Ferdous has won the National Film Awards for six times.

About his 25 years journey and Hotath Brishti, Ferdous said, “Truly, 25 years have passed in the blink of eye. Many things are floating in front of my eyes today. Thousands of people have met in the course of this long acting career. Many are not among us today. Thank you to Habib Ankal, the producer of ‘Hothat Brishti’, who is like my father. Thank you and gratitude to dear director Chhatku Bhai, I am blessed today because of the opportunity you gave me.”

“In this day, I miss Basu Chatterjee, my friend, my guru, my mentor, my director, the maker of my ‘Hothat Brishti’, stay well Basu Da. I miss Priyanka Trivedi, Sreelekha Mitra, Manoj Mitra, Nachiketa da and the crew of ‘Hothat Brishti’ very much”, he added. On the work front, Ferdous starrer several movies are awaiting release date. The films are ‘Russel er Jonno Opekkha’, ‘Dampara’, ‘Maniker Lal Kakra’, ‘Gangchil’, ‘Jam’ and ‘Ahare Jibon.

Ferdous starrer movie ‘1971: Sheishob Din’ directed by Hridi Haq was released on August 18 in the country’s theatres. Ferdous performance in the movie has also been well appreciated. The story of this movie revolves around the Liberation War. According to many, the liberation war has been presented in such a way in very few movies in Bangladesh before.

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