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Friday, 12 April 2024
Scorching heat wave in Rangpur

Scorching heat wave in Rangpur

Rangpur Correspondent

Now the people of Rangpur are suffering a lot from extreme heat. It can be said that the life of the people of Rangpur Division and the entire northern region is now almost exhausted in the scorching heat. The people, animals and creatures of the region have been living a miserable life in the heat of the last few days.

In this case, children and the elderly seem to be suffering more this summer.

Yesterday, the temperature in Rangpur was around 37 degree Celsius which was the highest temperature in the country. Today's temperature (July 14, 2022) has not changed much.

As a result, there is no change in the suffering of humans, animals and other living beings even today.

Meanwhile, due to this extreme heat, there has been an outbreak of cold and flu in Rangpur region. Experts say that when the temperature drops, the prevalence of colds and flu will decrease automatically.

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