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Friday, 12 April 2024
Raushan Ershad doesn't have any power to expel anyone: Chunnu

Raushan Ershad doesn't have any power to expel anyone: Chunnu

Staff Correspondent

Raushan Ershad doesn't have any authority in the Jatiya Party's (JaPa) constitution to expel anyone from the party, JaPa secretary general Mujibul Huque Chunnu has said.

He also said that the JaPa doesn't take into consideration about Raushan Ershad's declaration as the chairman of the party expelling GM Quader.

Mujibul Huque Chunnu was addressing an urgently convened press conference at the JaPa chairman's Banani office in the city at about 2:30pm on Sunday (January 28).

Earlier at about 1:00pm, Raushan Ershad announced the expulsion of JaPa's present chairman GM Quader and secretary general Mujibul Huque Chunnu at a meeting at her Gulshan residence in the capital. At that time, Raushan declared herself as the JaPa chairman and Kazi Mamunur Rashid as the secretary general.

Referring to such an announcement of Raushan Ershad, Mujibul Huque said, "We're not taking it into our knowledge as it has no basis. She (Raushan) doesn't have any such authority in the party's constitution."

Chunnu also pointed out that there is no section in the constitution that the party's chief patron can expel anyone from the party. "Raushan also expelled GM Quader twice earlier. It's the third time. Then she withdrew her announcement."

Mentioning that every party does have a constitution, the JaPa secretary general said Jatiya Party took part in the national election. GM Quader allocated the symbols among the candidates. So, he is the party chairman according to the rules of the Election Commission, while Mujibul Huque Chunnu is the secretary general.

The pro-Raushan Ershad faction in the JaPa said earlier the grassroots level of the party did not extend any support to the incidents of expulsion but they (GM Quader and Mujibul Huque Chunnu) would not be able to sustain this time. Responding to it, Chunnu said it is totally undesirable as their remarks indicate that they are like illiterate people. "Any individual can say anything going beyond the constitution, but those remarks have no basis."

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