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Friday, 12 April 2024
Raushan declares herself as JaPa chairman

Raushan declares herself as JaPa chairman

Staff Correspondent

Relieving Jatiya Party (JaPa) chairman GM Quader and secretary general Mujibul Huque Chunnu from their posts, the party's chief patron Raushan Ershad has declared herself as the new chairman of the JaPa.

At the same time, she appointed JaPa presidium member Kazi Mamunur Rashid as the new secretary general.

Raushan Ershad announced it at about 12:45pm on Sunday (January 28) after holding an opinion-sharing meeting with the party leaders at her Gulshan residence in the capital.

She said, "I have relieved GM Quader and Chunnu according to Clause 1 of the Section 20 of the party's constitution."

However, after the announcement of relieving them, JaPa secretary general Mujibul Huque Chunnu said he doesn't give any importance to such matters, because those took place several times earlier. However, they could not split the party by doing those things. What they have done is beyond their jurisdiction.

Raushan Ershad also mentioned that new secretary general Kazi Mamunur Rashid would continue his organisational activities until the next council.

"We can't accept that the Jatiya Party has been affected. JaPa is crossing a critical period. Both GM Quader and Mujibul Huque Chunnu did a lot of harms to the party," she said.

Raushan Ershad organised the opinion -sharing meeting on the ground floor of her residence at Gulshan. It was attended by JaPa's expelled, relieved, and voluntarily resigned leaders of the party.

It was also attended by JaPa presidium member Sunil Shuvo Roy who has been relieved from his post in the party recently, Shafiqul Islam Sentu, expelled from JaPa Kazi Mamunur Rashid who is also the spokesperson of Raushan Ershad.

Besides, former presidium member Delwar Hossain Khan, former MP Golam Sarwar Milon, Ziaul Huq Mridha, vice-chairman Amanat Hossain, Jahangir Alam, Nurul Huque, Khorshed Alam, vice-chairman and former MP Yahia Chowdhury, Jatiya Chhatra Samaj's founder president Rafiqul Huque and Ershad's son and party's joint secretary general Shad Ershad attended the meeting.

Before the announcement of the decision, presidium member Shafiqul Islam Sentu who has recently been relieved from the party, told Raushan Ershad, "We want your leadership to clean the rubbish in the party. You take over the Jatiya Party. JaPa leaders and workers across the country don't want to see GM Quader and Chunnu anymore. We want to see you as the chairman from now on."

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