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Friday, 14 June 2024
PWD terms news on its recruitment as false, baseless

PWD terms news on its recruitment as false, baseless

Staff Correspondent

Public Works Department (PWD) has rejected a news item published in a national Bengali daily titled " Recruitment Syndicate in PWD " on Monday (April 1) terming the so-called news as false, motivated and baseless.

In a clarification, the PWD said, the written examination for recruitment of 449 employees of Public Works Department ( PWD) was conducted on 23rd December 2023 through strict rules and Face ID verification due to which many fake candidates failed sit for the examination.

Before evaluation of written examination papers all the papers are coded and written examination papers are evaluated in the presence of 5 members of DPC.

As a result there is no opportunity to identify any candidate's account separately and all written examination results are kept under seal in the presence of DPC. So there is no chance of changing the result sheet in the dark of night or there is no incident of loss nor any GD has been lodged regarding this recruitment.

The viva examination for the recruitment of 449 posts was completed on last 28/03/2020 and its sealed results are kept at the designated place.

449 posts will be recommended for recruitment after the preparation of final result is completed, the clarification added.

In such a situation, the claim that the people recommended by someone have not passed the time of the examination and have been recommended for appointment is baseless.

The allegations of irregularities in the recruitment of 449 posts in the published news are completely fabricated and motivated which is a futile attempt to question the recruitment process.

The clarification further said, there is no financial transaction or any syndicate in the recruitment process of Public Works Department.

The Department feels that an attempt has been made to denigrate the responsible officials by describing them as syndicate members. Transfer or promotion in exchange of money unethically is a heinous lie.

Transfer or posting is an ongoing process due to various rational reasons such as retirement, promotion, new recruitment, personnel etc. So there is no scope to limit the transfer with a specific number at a particular time.

At present, the PWD invites tenders for all works in the EGP process, so there is no scope for awarding work to any particular contractor in the EGP process illegally or in violation of rules. So the allegation of providing any work or other facilities to the Pir's followers in violation of the rules is completely baseless.

Publication of such baseless, false, fabricated and negative reports about the Chief Engineer and other responsible officers has tarnished the image of the Public Works Department ( PWD).

It is specifically requested all concerned to refrain from publishing such motivated and baseless news in future.

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