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Saturday, 20 April 2024
Pottery houses made of earthenware in Manohardi

Pottery houses made of earthenware in Manohardi

Saifur Nishad, Manohardi (Narsingdi)

The men and women of Kumorpara of Karihata village in Kapasia were seen to be engaged in the making of earthenwares in one way or another that day.

Pots, pots, back pots gains are being made.

Jalkanda, a younger housewife was making cast iron or iron for fishing nets. Another housewife was making toy elephants, horses, tigers, ducks, etc. by molding them. Someone else was taking home the tins, burning them, arranging for burning, taking out the burnt tins. bringing Someone is sitting in the pit of the house and burning wood in the furnace. Every house in this potter neighborhood of Karihata village in Kapasia is now full of activity and busyness. Maybe because of Chota Sankranti fair ahead.

By 11 o'clock, they were seen to have carried the day's work far ahead. With the direct support of Asad, the local youth, the pottery neighborhood was visited. Every yard, courtyard, balcony of the house, empty space is filled with various pottery. Some of them are newly made, some are half Dry, some completely dry. How many are ready to be painted and fired.

Most of the potters here live in mud houses. They make it from generation to generation with clay pots. Earthenware, Earthenware, Pitchers, pots, back pans, cast iron or iron used in fishing nets are scattered everywhere in Kumorpara. They are active like everyone else.

The housewives of the house put those molds in the molds and made them with artistic attention. A young housewife was making toy elephants, horses, ducks, clay banks, etc. Someone is lighting pines in the house, decorating pines, taking down burnt clay ornaments from pines. The place where the hearth fires are burned is called a pain or a pain house.

All the activities of the potters here are centered on pottery. In this gap, the house is their family. An old lady said, They finish cooking in the morning. After breakfast, they are engaged in making clay pottery till four in the afternoon. Almost all the potters in this potter neighborhood of Karihata village are elderly men and women. Among the younger ones, a young man and two housewives were found working there.

The young man was decorating pines there. One request of the potters here is universal. Even though they have been engaged in this profession or work for generations, there is no one to see them. A one-time financial grant or assistance from the government would have greatly benefited them in this market. What does a community consider?

Will you see? Even if only one-time grant of 40/45 lakh rupees was arranged for only 60/70 houses of potters, this industry would have survived. The hard working elderly people who were dedicated to this art work would have benefited.

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