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Friday, 14 June 2024
Post of PWD Chief Engineer : Controversial NHA official Mosleh Uddin on a mission of Tk 20 cr

Post of PWD Chief Engineer : Controversial NHA official Mosleh Uddin on a mission of Tk 20 cr

Staff Correspondent

Mohammad Shamim Akhtar is currently the Chief Engineer of Public Works Department ( PWD) . His tenure is to expire about one and a half years more later . But in the meantime Engineer Mosleh Uddin Ahmed wants to replace him now. He is known as one of the masterminds of the much-discussed-notorious GK Shamim syndicate. Mosleh Uddin Ahmed currently holds the post of Member (Engineering) of National Housing Authority ( NHA).

This official has come down with a large budget for the post of Chief Engineer of PWD and his close associates said that the budget in this purpose is Tk 20 crores.

Engineer Mosleh Uddin Ahmed was known as the close man of former Secretary of Public Works Ministry Kazi Washi Uddin. Mochleh Uddin was sure that the secretary is getting another round of contractual appointment. If the secretary was appointed on contractual basis, within a week he will be sitting on the post of chief engineer but it was quite a mess. But it didn't happen anymore. However, engineer Mosleh Uddin is not saying that. He is now in now tactfully embarked on the same mission.

He has been walking on a new line since the contractual appointment period of the secretary was no longer extended. He is assisted in this work by some corrupt engineers identified by the Public Works Department, the beneficiaries of the former minister and secretary. This circle is based on influential people and relatives of the new Public Works Minister's area. They want to see Mosleh Uddin Ahmed as Chief Engineer very soon. Massive lobbying is going on for this, it is widely alleged.

Mosleh Uddin, an officer of the 15th batch of Public Works cadre, has been known as a corrupt officer since almost the beginning of his career. During the BNP-Jamaat period, he was involved in massive corruption while working as a Sub-Divisional Engineer in Jatiya Sangsad Bhawan.

In 2020-21, he gained special recognition as the owner of the much-discussed-notorious public works contractor GK Shamim Syndicate. During his tenure as Additional Chief Engineer of Dhaka Zone of Public Works Department, Mosleh Uddin Ahmed's irregularities and limitless corruption up to the contractors and businessmen became the worst. His name spread throughout the department as 'Fifteen Percent'. Commission is taken at this rate for the implementation of each project.

He was later transferred punitively to the National Housing Authority ( NHA) due to such reckless corrupt behavior. BCS 15th batch Engineer Mosleh Uddin joined the Public Works Department as Assistant Engineer in 1995. Later, he served as Sub-Divisional Engineer in Feni and Sherbangla Nagar. After being promoted as Executive Engineer, he served as Staff Officer of Sherbangla Nagar and Chief Engineer for a long time.

He also served as Superintending Engineer in Coordination Department and as Additional Chief Engineer in Chittagong Zone. He is accused of involvement in corruption and irregularities everywhere. On September 20, 2019, RAB raided the business establishment of GK Shamim in Niketan, Gulshan as part of the anti-casino operation.

At that time, the law and order forces recovered a large amount of cash, FDR, firearms and liquor from that building. GK Shamim and his seven bodyguards were arrested in the raid. Mosleh Uddin was one of those whose names were mentioned by GK Shamim when he was later questioned on remand. This information was published in the first-line media. Mosleh Uddin was the leader of Chhatra Dal during his student life. He was known as a pro-BNP engineer during the BNP and four-party coalition government.

However, despite all that, even in this period, he has been able to hold everyone accountable by showing his power as a supporter of the ruling party Awami League. From 2002 to 2006, while working as a Sub-Divisional Engineer in the Parliament House, he constructed his cow-goat, chicken-chicken farm adjacent to the residence of the then Deputy Speaker of the BNP-Jamaat coalition government, Akhtar Hamid Siddiqui, with public works money and 35 million rupees in the name of supplying cow grass. embezzled money ACC has a specific complaint against him in this regard.

Meanwhile, an investigation committee headed by Advocate Fazle Rabbi Miya (Deputy Speaker) was formed to investigate irregularities and corruption in the Eighth National Parliament. The committee found evidence of corruption and irregularities against 3 engineers of the Public Works Department. The committee recommended departmental action against them. But the Public Works Department did not take any action as per the recommendation.

On the recommendation of the investigation committee, a case was filed against former speaker Zamir Uddin Sirker and Deputy Speaker Advocate Akhtar Hamid Siddiqui, but the three engineers remained out of touch. This powerful official of BNP-Jamaat period also got the magic of power from the beginning in Awami League period.

After three rounds of promotions, Mosleh Uddin was assisted as Additional Chief Engineer by alleged Jubo League leader and controversial contractor GK Shamim. Mosleh Uddin was transferred from Chittagong Public Works Zone to Dhaka Public Works Zone after spending Tk 3 crore . In the PWD , the commission beneficiaries are known as 'Fifteen Percent'. Allegedly, he moved to Australia with bribe and corruption money. He has houses, flats and land in Dhaka and Cumilla.

It is learnt that the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has sent a summons notice to Mosleh Uddin on January 13, 2020 due to corruption related to GK Shamim.

According to the notice signed by ACC Director Syed Iqbal Hossain, "contractor GK Shamim and other persons have bribed government officials with hundreds of crores of rupees to get large contracts. This has led to embezzlement of government funds. Besides, hundreds of crores of taka have been smuggled abroad in connection with the casino case. There have been cases of acquisition of assets other than known income.

These allegations are being investigated. It is important to take a statement in the interests of a fair investigation.' For this reason, Mosleh Uddin was asked to appear at the ACC Head office at Segunbagicha in the capital on January 16, 2020. He was interrogated when he appeared accordingly.

During interrogation, he was asked various questions about contractor-engineer syndicate, past irregularities, corruption, money laundering abroad and owning houses, building wealth in Dhaka and outside Dhaka. ACC officer Khossyed Iqbalhosen led the investigation. Mosleh Uddin was able to cover up the investigation of the ACC due to the influence of money.

When contacted, he was not available for comments for the above allegations . The controversial Member (Engineering) of NHA Mosleh Uddin, has embarked on a mission with Tk 20 crore to take the post of Chief Engineer of PWD and it is being widely discussed. This serious allegations should be investigated by the authority concern.

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