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Monday, 17 June 2024
PM reiterates dignified return of Rohingyas to Myanmar

PM reiterates dignified return of Rohingyas to Myanmar

Staff Correspondent

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday reiterated that the forcibly displaced Rohingyas must be returned to their own country, Myanmar, in a dignified manner.

"The forcibly displaced Rohingyas must be returned to their homeland in a dignified way," she said while Dr Payam Akhavan called on her at her Sangsad Bhaban office.

Dr Payam is the lawyer of Bangladesh to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on climate change.

Sheikh Hasina also reiterated Bangladesh's stance not to allow anybody to use its territory for any kind of insurgency, saying: "Bangladesh believes in this policy and will not allow anyone to do so in the future".

Prime Minister's Speechwriter Md Nazrul Islam briefed reporters after the call on.

Quoting the Premier, he said that repatriation of the forcibly displaced Myanmar nationals (Rohingyas) now appeared to be complicated because of internal conflict there (Myanmar).

The Prime Minister mentioned that Rohingyas became a huge burden for Bangladesh, "local people of Cox's Bazar now became minority due to the large number of Myanmar nationals. They are damaging our environment".

Aiming to detach the youths of Rohingyas from involving in any criminal activities, she said, the government has arranged better accommodation for one lakh Rohingyas in Bhashanchar island and so far 35,000 Rohingyas have been transferred there.

She mentioned that some Rohingya groups have already involved in criminal activities like arms, women and drugs trafficking, which is a great concern for Bangladesh.

Sheikh Hasina thanked Dr Payam Akhavan for taking up the assignment to help prepare Bangladesh's legal submission to the ICJ for advisory opinion on the obligations of states "to ensure protection of the climate system".

Dr Payam Akhavan told the premier that Bangladesh has now become a global leader in the area of climate justice.

The prime minister said that Bangladesh formed climate trust fund after the COP-15, not depending on anyone.

Besides, she said, Bangladesh has also taken various programmes for adaptation and mitigation especially developing green-belt for the protection of coastal zones.

Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister M Tofazzel Hossain Miah was present.

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