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Sunday, 26 March 2023
Irregularities in LGED's PROVATI alleged

Irregularities in LGED's PROVATI alleged

Staff Reporter

Anisul Wahab, Project Director (PD) of Obokathamo Dokkhota Unnayan O Thothaer Maddoma Dusto Gonigushtir Sahansilota Prokolpo (PROVATI) under Local Government Engineering Department ( LGED) has allegedly misappropriated Tk 16 lakh in the name of decorations.

According to an writen allegations submitted to the Chief Engineer of LGED recently, it is complained that the PD has issued an work order of Tk 16 lakh to his relative contractory firm Islam Traders without inviting any tender.

It is further alleged by contractor Saiful Islam that no decoration work has done and the money was embezzled in culision with contractor who is also his relatuve.

When this reporter talked to PD Anisul Wahab about the allegations, he denied allegations and said it was approved by the Chief Engineer. He has also jurisdiction to approve such type of work without any tender, the PD added.

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