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Sunday, 26 March 2023
Investigation into irregularities against Kulaura Upazila LGED Engineer

Investigation into irregularities against Kulaura Upazila LGED Engineer

Moulvibazar Correspondent

An inquiry has been conducted against LGED Engineer Aminul Islam Mridha of Kulaura Upazila in Moulvibazar for bribery and irregularities on Sunday.

A 3-member committee led by Additional Chief Engineer Nurul Huda of the Local Government Engineering Department ( LGED) investigated the complaint at the Kulaura Upazila office.

In the presence of investigation committee head Nurul Huda, the victim chairman of 10 unions of the upazila, UP members, head teachers of primary schools, LGED contractors along with.

Upazila LGED Engineer Aminul Islam Mridha, who has more than half a hundred complainants, brought up the information of bribery and irregularities. At the same time, the accused upazila engineer Aminul Islam Mrida's withdrawal and departmental action demanded .

In addition to the head of the committee Nurul Huda, Sylhet Supervising Engineer Nirmal Kumar Biswas and Moulvibazar Executive Engineer Azim Uddin Sarkar were also present.

According to complainants, Aminul Islam Mridha takes 10 percent to 20 percent against bill, otherwise he does not sign any bill.

Going to him multiple times without money does nothing. Even in the allocation of 2 lakh taka for the primary school renovation work, he had to pay 5 thousand taka to the head teacher. Aminul Islam Mridha does not want to give proof of work if money is not paid. He also complained of misbehavior with teachers.

In addition to this, the present UP chairmen told Nurul Huda, head of the investigation committee, one and a half ago, the chairmen of 13 unions of Kulaura filed a motion of no confidence against Aminul Islam in the monthly coordination meeting of the upazila.

Recently, he resorted to various tricks to divert the matter. Asks UP chairmen to submit Rs 8 to 10 crore projects in the name of 'My Village, My City' project. When the project was prepared and submitted to the Upazila Nirbahi Officer, the accused engineer (Aminul) said it was directly his
must be submitted to then they caught the matter and told the matter to the Chairman of the Upazila Parishad.

A few chairmen got confused when it came to know that such a huge project will be allotted to the locals of some unions. Basically to hide his misdeeds he tried to influence the chairman in the name of the project. But his end was not saved.

Karmadha UP Chairman Muhibul Islam Azad said, three weeks ago, engineer Aminul Islam Mridha told me that under the Amar Gram, Amar Shahar project, each union will receive a development allocation of Tk 8 to 10 crore. For this, the project should be prepared in the form of a scheme. I prepared the project on his words.

The residents of my union happily distributed sweets after knowing this. Later I knew about such a huge budget in each union under this project No allocation.

The local residents of my area are confused by his deception.
To find out about the matter, Engineer Aminul Islam of the Kulaura Upazila Office of the Directorate of Engineering of the Local Government called Mridar's mobile several times, but he did not receive the call.

Head of the 3-member committee Nurul Huda told this correspondent after the investigation that the investigation was held in front of everyone. We will submit the investigation report to the concerned department in due course. As the matter is under investigation, I do not want to say anything more.

It is to be noted that the chairman of 13 unions of the upazila filed a written complaint against the Kulaura upazila engineer Aminul Islam Mridha.

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