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Sunday, 16 June 2024
Impact of AI in the age of modern information technology

Impact of AI in the age of modern information technology

Md Jahedul Islam

Artificial intelligence (AI) is gradually taking over most of the tasks that humans do on a daily basis. Artificial intelligence (AI) is an upgraded version of computer systems. It can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. These tasks include understanding or analyzing the inputted information as well as the ability to make quick decisions from these analyses. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a type of software technology that makes robots or computers act and think like humans. For example, understanding someone's words, making decisions, recognizing them by sight, etc. are included in artificial intelligence activities. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is machine learning. It is divided into three categories based on capabilities.

The first is ANI or Artificial Narrow Intelligence. The most common in the world of intelligence is this narrow artificial intelligence . It is used only for a specific task. These technologies include online gaming, shopping from e-commerce sites, self-driving, speech recognition and image recognition. The second is AGI or Artificial General Intelligence. This artificial general intelligence can perform any intellectual task with human-like efficiency. Researchers worldwide are now focusing more on building machines with artificial general intelligence.

The third and last is ASI or Artificial Super Intelligent. These super-intelligent machines can perform any task more perfectly than humans with cognitive features that exceed human intelligence. These systems are more complex systems. Systems are programmed in such a way that any problem can be solved without human intervention. Among all the creatures of the world the characteristic that distinguishes man is his intelligence. This intelligence is the overall form of the quality of being able to think about a particular subject, make decisions, learn from previous experiences and create new knowledge using it.

One in whom these above characteristics are visible is known as intelligent. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the system of giving real form to human intelligence and thinking power by artificial means through computer or any device based on computer technology. This is the technology of artificially making machines intelligent. It is a unique branch of computer science in which human thinking and intelligence are simulated and controlled by computer programs. Currently artificial intelligence is being used around the world.

This usage has made our entire world more sophisticated. It makes our life most easier. Artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming an integral part of modern healthcare as a result of recent scientific advances in computer science and informatics. AI algorithms and other AI-powered applications are being used to assist medical professionals in clinical settings and ongoing research. Mainly working on creating machine learning models through artificial intelligence (AI) to present the information more accurately by analyzing the results obtained from the patient's medical data and medicine usage experience.

The biggest advantage of Artificial intelligence (AI) is that it never needs to rest. It is helping healthcare in many ways. This application can be used to quickly alert doctors when certain risk conditions develop by observing various physical symptoms of patients using machine learning models. This Artificial intelligence (AI) helps make decisions about treatment, medication, mental health and other patient needs by providing quick access to patient-relevant information or research. Nowadays there is artificial intelligence (AI) to better monitor if someone is suffering from any disease.

It is playing a very important role behind what kind of disease requires what medicine or how it should be treated. Many complex operations are now possible to be done very precisely with the application of artificial intelligence (AI). Therefore the special use of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare is unparalleled. Now it is currently making tremendous progress. This system can currently understand human language as well as recognize images and even drive a car. These phenomenal events are a wonderful discovery of science. Nowadays these modern inventions have made our work much easier. With artificial intelligence based websites, we are currently doing content writing, graphics design, voice creation, website creation etc. tasks very easily. AI tools or websites such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, 10web, Murf.AI etc. are currently being used for these tasks. This continued development of artificial intelligence is believed to have the potential to surpass human capabilities at some point. Due to this, various countries around the world have banned the use of such artificial intelligence technology including ChatGPT. Also many countries have given permission for the use of these technology products in light of certain policies.

This artificial intelligence (AI) technology is currently being used specifically for cyber hacking and crime prevention. Meanwhile the most common use of artificial intelligence (AI) is in the field of security work. Now drones are being used in various military forces or battlefields so that the soldiers do not have to stand in the field themselves. Radars are installed at important locations which can provide advance awareness of the enemy's location. Artificial intelligence (AI) CC cameras are now a widely used device for security purposes and to identify criminals. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also in great demand in the banking sector. Customers can now easily do all money transactions only through SMS. The use of paper money is decreasing day by day. Customers can easily update their information through email.

Recently it is also gaining popularity in education, transportation, online shopping, and language translation. Humans can make mistakes at times but artificial intelligence (AI) never makes mistakes if it is programmed correctly. Since artificial intelligence (AI's) decisions are made through designed algorithms, there is never a chance of mistakes in its work. Always accurate information and accurate performance saves time and money. This system can make decisions much faster than humans through various machine learning. This results in faster execution of work. Another huge advantage of artificial intelligence is that it can perform risky tasks that are too dangerous for humans to do. This systems are very expensive. Artificial intelligence (AI) systems need to be regularly updated with the latest hardware and software at all times. Artificial intelligence systems reduce employment by impacting employment. As a result many working people are facing unemployment. However while the manual labor market will continue to shrink, new jobs will open up for people with technical knowledge, creativity and critical thinking. Artificial intelligence (AI) can never do any creative thinking on its own. Absence of emotions in it.

One can't use emotions when making a decision. The biggest difference between artificial intelligence machines and humans is in their ability to act. A device requires no breaks where people get tired. But it can do the same job accurately for hours. Artificial intelligence technology basically provides various services by analyzing the previous information stored with it. In this field, various algorithms and machine learning methods are used to analyze large data sets and report different results and predictions. A significant method in this regard is Artificial Neural Network or ANN. It processes existing data by simulating the functioning of neurons in the human body to create knowledge-based computation models. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic all the countries of the world were facing major challenges in the health sector.

To overcome this challenge many countries have taken various steps including new research to increase the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the medical sector. A fully automated system was used even for corona testing. Artificial intelligence will also make it easier to predict and manage pandemic outbreaks. Because of this technology a large amount of data can be reviewed. Whether artificial intelligence is harmful or beneficial to us may decide the future. Every action has an equal or opposite reaction. Similarly any job has both good and bad sides. Continuous improvements in artificial intelligence technology are now creating machines that think like humans. This capabilities of making decisions based on their environment but in different ways. One of the most talked about issues currently being worked on through cutting-edge technology is making machines with human-like emotional features.

When these characteristics are acquired they will actually be able to make their own decisions. As a result their dependence on people will also end. In this case such a machine if misdirected can become more dangerous than an emotionless intelligent person can be. As a result humans will have no control over them. This development of artificial intelligence is like summoning a monster. Considering these harmful effects we should now think about the misuses of artificial intelligence and take necessary measures to prevent its misuse.

The writer is a, Network Technician ICT Cell, Jagannath University.

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