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Tuesday, 05 March 2024
Freelancer Rabu’s success story

Freelancer Rabu’s success story

Md. Shah jamal, Jamalpur

Arifur Alam (Rabu) is a professional freelancer-digital marketer and cyber security detector. He live in the Jamalpur district under madargonj upazila at chorvatiali para village. He is son of intaj ali. Rabu works with buyers in Europe and America.

This young man from Jamalpur now earns lakhs of Taka sitting at home. Although it is difficult and fragile to walk in the beginning, it has gained day by day by using hard work and talent and is working in the world's leading freelancing marketplace like Upwork and LinkedIn.

He has been contracted as an SEO Specialist in a US company and is working as an IT Expert in a reputed company.

In the meantime, Rabu has earned the status of a successful freelancer card holder of the Ministry of Information and Communication by utilizing his talent and qualifications. He completes all the work at home through the laptop. Since his fortune has changed through this work, freelancer Rabu wants to inform other young people about such opportunities as well.

According to Rabu -Freelancing as a student is one of the most honest ways to take responsibility and support yourself - "Freelancing". The contribution of freelancers to the economy of Digital Bangladesh is now undeniable. Freelancers are contributing 500 million to the country.

Try to learn and start the journey of freelancing by building yourself up without worrying about earning first. According to freelancer Rabu,"Success requires gaining self-confidence and skills." Success is guaranteed.

Freelancer Rabu's success is inspired by an expatriate father and a brother. He is currently studying for his Masters after completing BA Honors from Jamalpur Ashek Mahmud University College.

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