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Thursday, 25 July 2024
Farewell reception to Chinese students at Rokeya Hall of DU

Farewell reception to Chinese students at Rokeya Hall of DU

DU Correspondant

Six female students of China's Guangdong University of Foreign Studies who came to study Bengali language and culture at Dhaka University Modern Language Institute under the language exchange program were given a farewell reception on Wednesday evening at Rokeya Hall auditorium.

University Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. ASM Maksud Kamal was present as the chief guest at the farewell reception. Hall Principal Prof. Dr. Nilufar Parveen presided over the function.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. ASM Maksud Kamal thanked the Chinese students for successfully completing their studies in Bengali language and culture. Wishing them success in their future life, he said that under the ongoing exchange program between Dhaka University and various universities in China, students of both countries are getting an opportunity to exchange knowledge, culture and experience through language learning and through this the friendly relations between the two countries are getting stronger.

He also said that language learning is very important in building education, culture, trade, economy, diplomacy and friendly relations with other countries.

The Vice-Chancellor expressed hope that these Chinese students will present Bengali language, tradition and culture in front of the people of their country as ambassadors of Bangladesh.
It may be noted that several students studying Honors in 'Bangla Language' at Guangdong University of Foreign Students in China came to study 1 semester at the Modern Language Institute under the Language Exchange Program. Among them, these 6 female students have been staying in Rokia Hall for the past 3 months.

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