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Sunday, 16 June 2024
Bid to occupy expatriate's land by breaking pillars, walls of under construction building , threatening to kill in Gafargaon

Bid to occupy expatriate's land by breaking pillars, walls of under construction building , threatening to kill in Gafargaon

Gafargaon (Mymensingh) Correspondent

The opponents attacked a building under construction for a Saudi expatriate's business establishment just 300 yards away from the Khurshid Mahal police outpost of Panchbagh Union under Pagla Police Station of Gafargaon Upazila of Mymensingh and destroyed 10 concrete pillars and brick walls.

The people of the opponent did not stop with breaking and crushing, at this time they removed the rods and bricks of the concrete pillars and took them away, said the affected expatriate and his family members.

In this incident, Pravasi filed a written complaint at Pagla police station on Tuesday (21 May) around 11:30 pm. Nur Hossain. Earlier on Tuesday around 10 am, the incident of vandalism and looting took place.

Noor Hossain (40), a resident of Bagber village of Panchbag union, who filed the complaint at the police station, said that 11 years ago, 4 percent of the land in Chauka Mouza was purchased by the Safkaola deed and after being occupied and rejected, he started construction of a building for a shop on that land.

As soon as I started the construction work, my opponents Babul Mia, Hiran Mia and Ripon were threatening and harassing me in various ways. If I don't release this property bought with my hard earned money, they will take over this land even if they kill me if necessary.

In this situation, on Tuesday (May 21), opponents of Jhawail village Babul Mia, Hiran Mia and Ripon Mia of Gavishimul village, Monir along with his team members and women of their families broke down 10 pillars and brick walls of the shop house under construction of expatriate Noor Hossain. Expatriate Noor Hossain suffered a loss of at least TK-4 lakh.

Md. Rafiqul Islam also said that after looking at the documents, the Union Parishad and Thana Police strictly instructed the defendants not to create any kind of trouble on this land through the arbitration, but they are still engaged in the crime of grabbing the land.

Pagla police station OC Khairul Bashar said that expatriate Noor Hossain filed a complaint with the police station on Tuesday night regarding the destruction of pillars and brick walls.

An officer will be dispatched to the scene. If the truth of the incident is found, strict legal action will be taken.

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