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Friday, 24 March 2023
Bangladesh Bank announces 4 pc export subsidy on bicycle, cement sheet, and MS steel

Bangladesh Bank announces 4 pc export subsidy on bicycle, cement sheet, and MS steel

Staff Reporter

Bangladesh Bank has announced 4 per cent cash subsidy on exporting cement sheet, bicycle and its parts, MS steel and tea to encourage exporters.

The exporters of Specialized Zone (BEZA, BEPZA and Hi-tech Park) will enjoy the facility under this programme, said central bank notification on Wednesday.

The exporters will get 4 per cent subsidy for exporting products of which local minimum value addition margin is not less than 30 per cent.
The subsidy would be provided on the basis of product shipment during fiscal 2021-22. The exporters would get the money from the Authorized Dealers (Ads) bank after submitting dues documents. They have to apply separately for separate chalan and shipment.

All the products will be eligible to get export subsidy when 30 per cent of them is made at company’s own factory, the circular stated.

The exporting firm or any individual can claim the cash benefit by submitting applications within 180 days of receiving the export proceed in the nostro accounts.

At present, some 38 locally-produced items have been get the cash incentives against the export at different rates one per cent to the highest 20 per cent. The current incentives for these items will continue.

Economists believe that the latest initiative will help increase export volume of Bangladesh.

But they said the desired target would not be achieved without a fair distribution method of export cash subsidy.

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