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Friday, 24 May 2024
Zakir Hossain to be Headmaster of Monipur High School: Kamal Majumder

Zakir Hossain to be Headmaster of Monipur High School: Kamal Majumder

Staff Correspondent

State Minister for Industries and Dhaka-15 Constituency MP Kamal Ahmed Majumdar said that Zakir Hossain will serve as the head teacher of the famous educational institution Monipur High School and College in the capital.

He said this in a press conference at Rupnagar branch of the organization on Saturday afternoon.

In a written statement, he said, the court has some dirctions regarding former principal Farhad Hossain and senior most teacher Zakir Hossain. I promise to work according to the decision taken by the court to protect this institution that I built with my own hands.

Earlier, the Dhaka Education Board authorities expressed surprise that Manipur High School and College had announced an emergency holiday till March 15.

The board authorities took the initiative to dissolve the board of directors for keeping the institution closed without any reason. However, the president of the board of directors has filed a writ in the High Court to retain the former principal claimant Farhad Hossain.

The writ was heard in the bench of Justice Khasruzzaman and Justice Iqbal Kabir last Thursday.

Counsel for the petitioner contended that Monipur High School is a non-MPO educational institution. Apart from this, since it has a college branch, the principal will be the head of the institution, not the head teacher. Moreover, Zakir Hossain is a dismissed teacher. Therefore, giving him the responsibility of Acting Headmaster was also not legal.

The lawyer of the defendants said that this institution belongs to MPO in the official documents. The committee did not have tenure when Zakir was shown sacked. Therefore, this order of dismissal is invalid. Apart from this, the college branch of the institution does not have permission to teach and government recognition. There is no MPO. Therefore, in the government's view, the head of its institution will be the head teacher. After hearing both sides, the court fixed the next hearing on Monday without passing any order.

It is learnt that after the investigation in 2020, Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary ( DSHS) said that Farhad's appointment as principal was illegal. After that, another investigation by the Dhaka Board also revealed that the extension of his contractual employment as principal was not done legally.

In this situation, on the order of the court, on February 27, DSHS Zakir Hossain , the senior teacher of the institution, as acting head teacher. In a letter written to the chairman of the management committee, DSHS asked to take this action within three working days. But the management committee did not heed it.

According to several sources of the school, this institution is mainly under the control of State Minister of Industry and Dhaka-15 Constituency MP Kamal Ahmed Majumdar. He himself was once the president of the board of directors of this institution.

When the parliamentarians were removed from the post of president of the institution on the orders of the high court, he gave his daughter the responsibility of president.

Later, when his daughter resigned, Kamal Ahmed Majumder made his loyal party leader and former ward councilor Delwar the president.

In the meantime both head teachers declared school holiday causing concern among the gurdians and students.

Zakir Hossain to be Headmaster of Monipur High School: Kamal Majumder

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