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Wednesday, 24 April 2024
World Wildlife Day, Wild animals are beautiful in forests, children are beautiful in their mother's lap

World Wildlife Day, Wild animals are beautiful in forests, children are beautiful in their mother's lap

Md. Zillur Rahaman

World Wildlife Day is celebrated every year on March 3 in the United Nations countries with the aim of increasing public awareness of the world's wildlife and flora. The day is also celebrated in Bangladesh through various programs. Originally on December 20, 2013, the 68th General Assembly of the United Nations declared March 3 as World Wildlife Day, and this day was celebrated for the first time in 2014. Actually we are part of nature, nature is also our true friend. Forests and wildlife are an integral part of this beautiful nature and environment. It is our responsibility to protect this precious resource of nature, that responsibility is not only for the wildlife, but somehow it is necessary to preserve the wildlife for human existence and survival.

As human life and livelihood are directly connected with forest and wild life, so also protection of biodiversity and environment is inextricably linked with protection of forest. In addition to the indiscriminate destruction of forests worldwide, the free release of carbon through uncontrolled industrialization by industrialized countries has not only resulted in climate change, but forests and wildlife in different regions of the world are under threat. As a result of indiscriminate destruction of forests, wildlife, especially elephants and tigers, are facing the threat of extinction. In addition, due to the destruction of natural forest areas one by one for the purpose of economic development through industrialization, global temperature increase and irregular rainfall are having a negative impact on the planting process and production of water-based agriculture in general, especially rice. As a result, there is a serious negative impact on the lives and livelihoods of various categories of people who depend on forests, wildlife and nature.

The area of forest land under the control of the government of Bangladesh is about 23 lakh hectares, which is about 15.58 percent of the total area of the country, and the forest land under the control of the Forest Department is about 16 lakh hectares, which is about 10.74 percent of the country's area. Through the various activities undertaken by the government and the spontaneous participation of the people, the area of land covered by trees in Bangladesh has increased to 22.37 percent of the total area of the country. The government is already taking various steps with the plan to raise it to more than 24 percent by 2025. But due to increasing population, unplanned urbanization, industrialization, expansion of agricultural land, housing etc. the forest area is shrinking. As a result, the country's forests and wildlife are under threat today.

Bangladesh is one of the least forested countries in the world, with a forest cover of only 10.74 percent, although at least 25 percent forest cover is required to maintain natural balance. Due to indiscriminate deforestation due to lack of law enforcement, nearly 2,000 hectares of forest land is being deforested in Bangladesh every year and it is very alarming sign. Among these, the most affected is the Shalban of Bhawal and so far nearly 90 percent of the forest has been lost. Even in Bangladesh, the Sundarbans, the world's largest mangrove forest capable of withstanding natural disasters like cyclones, is already threatened by indiscriminate deforestation, increasing salinity due to reduced freshwater flow from upstream, and climate change; As a result of salinity, the beautiful plants are dying in a big way. A rich source of biodiversity, the Sundarbans are home to 453 species of animals, which are now endangered. The number of Royal Bengal tigers once numbered 400-450, but due to rampant poaching, they are now down to around 100. In addition, under Section 5 of the Environment Act 1995, in 1999, the Sundarban Reserve Forest and its surrounding 10 km area was declared an environmentally sensitive area or buffer zone, but through the decision to build various industries including coal-based power plants in the Sundarbans through public-private initiativesIn addition to putting at risk, the negative effects of climate change are likely to multiply. Due to these reasons, the cost of adaptation to face climate change may increase in the future, which can never be desirable for Bangladesh.

Due to our unplanned actions, a large number of plant and animal species have already been lost from nature, which has already had an adverse effect. Global warming is a vital example of various natural disasters. So the world today is vocal in wildlife conservation. Despite this, 2 lakh acres of forest and 150-200 species of wild animals are still being destroyed every day! The biggest reason for this is lack of awareness. Wildlife includes all animals that live in forests, except domesticated animals. From wall lizards to yard-roaming crows, sparrows are wildlife. Forests are habitats and sanctuaries for wildlife. Due to continuous deforestation, wildlife migrates to the locality in search of food and shelter and loses its life at the hands of humans. Wild animals also know that there is a danger of their lives if they are attacked in the locality. However, they come to the locality to gather food in a unique way. Wild fruits are available for sale in city fruit shops today. Natural forests are on the way to deforestation. So how do they survive?

To protect the meager seasonal fruits, people today lay current nets and innocent birds lose their lives in them. Despite the provision of compensation, electric traps are set up to protect crops from the clutches of wild elephants, killing wild elephants. Humans should realize how helpless the wild animals attack the locality. There are some mentally deranged people who turn away from a thousand different foods and focus on wildlife and to meet their needs, some poachers have chosen a despicable and illegal profession. Guest birds benefit the environment, the best friend of the environment. They eat harmful insects but bird hunters catch them and sell them. They are victims of cruel deception and sacrifice. Some people also have the habit of collecting the body parts of wild animals and displaying them as show-pieces.

As a result, due to human greed, these wild animals, friends of nature, are disappearing from the forests. The Creator arranged nature with wildlife, plants and other elements of the environment. Each wild animal is like a pearl or star of nature. The garland of stars or beads is already detached. As a result nature is losing balance. Natural disasters strike every year in retaliation. Various natural disasters including lightning, tsunami, super cyclones strike from time to time and disrupt the life and livelihood.

Biodiversity conservation is recognized in the constitution as a basic state principle of Bangladesh. The Wildlife Conservation Ordinance was enacted as early as 1974 after independence. Bangladesh is one of the few countries that have enacted laws to implement the International Convention on Biological Diversity. In 2012, the Wildlife (Conservation and Security) Act, was passed. The Act provides for various penalties for killing and hunting wild animals. Moreover, the 'Bangladesh Biological Diversity Act' was passed in 2017. Bangladesh has declared more than 5 percent of its land area and about 5 percent of its marine area as 'at risk' and protected areas.

In fact every matter of mystical nature is well defined. The Creator created the world and created the living beings according to the environment and placed them wherever they saw fit. All the animals that live in the forest are nature's friends, and the forest animals are not content to be cared for, no matter how lovingly they are treated. They want to roam around. Locality is also a hindrance to their normal growth. One can get to know the wild forms of wild animals only in the forest. The forest is their proper place and there all their beauty is embodied. When cut off from normal life, every animal becomes constricted, frightened and in pain. Every animal looks beautiful according to the environment. Wild animals are beautiful in the forest and children are in their mother's arms. Every animal in the living world has its own world. They grew naturally in that world. Otherwise the normal pace of life is disturbed.

Wild animals live in forests, hidden from human eyes. Naturally they have their own complex diseases. These incurable diseases are spreading in the human body due to the perverted eating habits of some people and coming into their proximity. Every religion has given importance to wildlife conservation. All citizens of the world should be vocal and aware about wildlife protection. Wherever wildlife crime is committed, the local people must build resistance. The number of these criminals is very small and week. Therefore, if the new generation can be made to be wildlife and environment friendly, the work will be very easy and the future world will be safe. They should be taught that wild animals are beautiful in the forest, children are in the mother's lap. Only then we will have a biodiversity friendly Bangladesh and the earth will be safe, wildlife and nature will be safe.

The writer is a Banker and Columnist

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