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Thursday, 13 June 2024
Why SRK has been avoiding media since 2021

Why SRK has been avoiding media since 2021

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Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has been giving the media and paparazzi a miss since 2021. The actor has avoided the cameras, hiding under umbrellas and not posing for the media at events and parties. While the Pathaan actor had made a couple of rare appearances, he continues to ignore the cameras. A paparazzo has now revealed that Shah Rukh has been avoiding the paparazzi because he is angry with the media over the coverage of his son Aryan Khan’s arrest.

For the unversed, Aryan was arrested in October 2021 in a ‘drugs on cruise’ case. He was in police custody for 22 days. Shah Rukh had visited Aryan in jail and was brutally mobbed him. Aryan was eventually released and was cleared of his charges. Mumbai-based-paparazzo Varinder Chawla opened up about Shah Rukh and said that he is ‘mad’ at the media.

“When Pathaan released in 2023, then my team had spotted Shah Rukh Khan and they sent it to me. But, I didn’t like it because it seemed like we were invading his privacy. And SRK seemed angry. Then I made a call to the actor’s PR, informed them about the video my team recorded and told them that I won’t be using it. And apologised to them on behalf of my team for invading their privacy,” he told Hindi Rush.

“You will not believe me, soon after my call, I quickly received a call from SRK’s manager who first thanked me and then informed me that Shah Rukh wanted to speak to me. I was in shock. From running behind his car to get a glimpse of him to getting a call from him, it seemed too unreal. I said, ‘anytime’. We spoke for over five minutes.

After speaking to him, I realised his love for his children, his son Aryan Khan. I too have children, if people went around talking ill and negative things about my children, I too would feel sad. He was so sad, upset back then, we didn’t care about that. We just kept complaining SRK doesn’t give us photos and always hides his face. He is mad at the media for what they did to his son,” Varinder added.

Three years on, Shah Rukh has posed for the cameras only on a couple of occasions, including Baba Siddiqui’s Eid party. He also made his first TV appearance since the incident on CNN–News18 Indian of the Year earlier this year.

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