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Friday, 12 April 2024
Walton launches new models of Mechanical Keyboards

Walton launches new models of Mechanical Keyboards

Staff Reporter

Walton Digi-Tech Industries Limited has released two new models of affordable mechanical keyboards. Modeled as KM02 and KM03, the new Walton mechanical keyboards have many advance features and are durable and attractive in design as well. Customers who will buy the new mechanical keyboards along with other keyboards and keyboard-mouse combo from Walton's e-commerce platform E-Plaza (eplaza.waltonbd.com) will get special discount.

Released in two colors of black and gray, the KM02 and KM03 model mechanical keyboards have 104 keys among which 25 are anti-ghost keys. The special features include backlight breathing function, 50 million times button life, US layout, USB interface, mechanical axis button, blue switch, 1.5M exposed head USB cable etc.

Priced at 2,050 BDT and 2,250 BDT respectively, the new mechanical keyboards can be purchased at 1,742 BDT and 1,912 BDT from E-Plaza.

Besides, Walton has more than 30 models of RGB gaming, standard wireless and wired keyboard and keyboard-mouse combo. The price ranges from 275 BDT to 2,350 BDT of these models and has special discount on E-Plaza purchase.

Walton provides 6-month replacement warranty on all models of keyboards.

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